Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2020 | Review and Comparison

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Windows ASP.NET Hosting Reviews & Articles

Wow… Wow…. One of Windows hosting provider hit by ransomware again. Few years ago, SmarterASP hit by ransomware attack, now this happened again on their system. What happened?! Is there any problem on their security system? Is there loop hole so hacker can easily login to their system? At this time, all of their…

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In this post I wanted to cover the steps I took to migrate a real ASP.NET Core application to Visual Studio 2017. I’ve recorded the steps that I took and the issues I faced, along with any solutions I was able to find. TL;DR; It wasn’t as painful as I’d expected it might be, but…

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It is quite a possible situation to have a user navigating to the client application’s page that sends an HTTP request to the server. While our app processing the request, a user can navigate away from that page. In such a case, we want to cancel the HTTP request since the response is no longer…

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This post is about using Automapper in ASP.NET Core project. AutoMapper is an object-object mapper which allows you to solve the problem of manually mapping each property of a class with the same properties of another class. Before AutoMapper, if you want to map properties of one object to another, you have manually assign each…

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