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Windows ASP.NET Hosting Reviews & Articles

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the Quartz scheduler in ASP.NET Core. We may perform jobs in the background using this scheduler. We can use Quartz scheduling to perform a job every 5 minutes. Step 1 To begin, make a project with the ASP.NET core web application template. Choose MVC for your…

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Before we begin you must know the basic defination of Stored procedure in SQL server. A SQL Server stored procedure groups one or more Transact-SQL statements into a logical unit or a reference to a Microsoft .NET Framework common runtime language (CLR) method and is stored as an object in the Database Server, so basically you…

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In this article, we will have a look at http cache headers and how they can be configured while serving static files middleware. Cache-Control Header Now a days, every software solution has some components which are hosted on web. They interact with one another using HTTP requests. Every business is on internet. One of the…

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In this short tutorial, I will advise tips to remove IIS/ASP.NET Response Headers. OK, here we go: #1. Remove All Custom Headers Header Name: X-Powered-By Add: in the <system.webServer> section. Header Name: Server Implement an httpModule that strips this header out by calling Response.Headers.Remove(“Server”) from the PreSendRequestHeaders event. Another resource for this: Cloaking your ASP.NET MVC Web Application on…

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