Godaddy Review - Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and ComparisonWindows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

GoDaddy is famous for being the world’s largest domain name registrar. Up to now, the company owns more than 55 million domains under management and over 12 million customers around the world.

There is no better option for people to choose various affordable and secure domain name registration service. However, is GoDaddy ASP.NET web hosting service a good choice for developers and small business owners? To make that clear, we have reviewed GoDaddy ASP.NET hosting from several aspects, including price, features, performance, reliability, and technical support.

GoDaddy Features

GoDaddy offers 3 windows hosting plan. Each plan has been designed keeping different kind of users in mind. If you own a website which only has a one database and has not high volume of traffic, Economy plan is good for you. We’ll recommend you to start with Economy Plan and upgrade it as you grow.

Deluxe Plan is a better option for people who want to host more than one website build on .NET or other windows based technology. It comes with unlimited domain option which makes it good option for high traffic websites.

As name suggest Ultimate plan is for people who need more speed and concern about website security. The plan is loaded with a 256 bit Free SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is free for the initial plan term purchased.

GoDaddy Doesn’t Support Full Trust

This is main concern if you require the application that require Full Trust, then it won’t work on GoDaddy hosting environment. They don’t offer Full Trust. You shall know that the Full Trust is an important feature that allows ASP.NET websites to fully utilize the .NET framework libraries and APIs. Without the Full Trust, the ASP.NET websites may not run correctly in the shared web hosting environment due to the security limitation, although they’re working well locally. Especially, when you have a website based on a 3rd party framework (E.G. DotNetNuke, Spring.NET, etc), it’s high possible that you will get into a problem over the web hosting environment without FULL TRUST.

Godaddy Uptime Guarantee

Does Godaddy really give 99.99% up time? It seems they don’t give 99.99% uptime guarantee. We have read so many negative user reviews about their performance. But, we know that it’s part of hosting business. There are good and also bad reviews. To be frank enough, customers need not to expect very much from a shared hosting service. This is our monitoring result few months ago:


If your site requires high traffic, then we would recommend you to purchase VPS or dedicated server.

Godaddy Pricing

As we have explained above, they have 3 web hosting plans named Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate, starting at $3.49/month which is very affordable. But, to get this price, you need to pay for yearly plan. In this plan, you can only host 1 website. The best that we can recommend for you is their Deluxe plan. With this Deluxe plan, you can host UNLIMITED websites.

Godaddy Control Panel

Godaddy also use Plesk Control Panel which is same as other windows hosting provider. Plesk Control Panel is one of the best Control Panel for windows. You can easily manage your server, email accounts with few clicks. You can Instantly install over 70 applications on your website with just a few clicks. You can check everything about your website including disk space, traffic, logs & statistics and many more.

Godaddy Customer Support

If we were asked to judge, then we can only give them 7 out of 10 because we check there are many complaints about their support. Sometimes their support staff also don’t have enough knowledge about ASP.NET, so clients might have trouble asking them about ASP.NET. Godaddy offer support through various medium including telephone, trouble ticket and forum. You can contact them 24*7 and 365 days.

GoDaddy Average Customer Ratings
  • Price
  • Uptime
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability


Godaddy Overall Rating

Other Recommendation Than Godaddy?

You may notice that GoDaddy is not the right choice for your ASP.NET websites. We recommend you going with ASPHostPortal for ASP.NET web hosting service.

ASPHostPortal ( is a web hosting provider that focus on windows hosting. So, for ASP.NET hosting, then we would recommend them as their support staff have good knowledge about ASP.NET. They have attractive hosting plan with affordable price. Clients can start from $5.00/month to host UNLIMITED domains with them.

ASPHostPortal ASP.NET hosting reviews

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