ASPHostPortal Better Than DiscountASP.NET in ASP.NET Hosting? – Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2023 | Review and Comparison

As a Microsoft developer, you may prefer .net development other than php coding. Is that right? In this hosting review blog, we will review both best ASP.NET hosting in hosting industry, yeah ASPHostPortal and DiscountASP.NET. They are both trusted by so many users and developer.

ASPHostPortal Better than DiscountASP.NET??

They both offer budget dot net hosting, ASPHostPortal hosting is cheaper. ASPHostPortal hosting cost just $5.00/month, DiscountASP.NET however provides .net hosting at $10 each month. As to the money back guarantee, both of ASPHostPortal and DiscountASP.NET offer 30 days money back guarantee. As two of the best in class .net hosting server and space vendor, they both guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. In terms of website speed, they also best in their class and their server speed is very nice. We tested their windows server speed based on the Pingdom speed testing report in a range of 30 days. As web developer, we know that technical support is extremely important. About the feature, if we compare ASPHostPortal and DiscountASP.NET, ASPHostPortal offer more rich features, in their Host ONE plan, you can create 2 MSSQL database but in DiscountASP.NET, you need to purchase this addon. The database itself will cost you $10.00/
In technical support, both of them provide 24×7 technical support via helpdesk, email, knowledgebase. Their support staff are well trained and have good knowledge on ASP.NET. Customers don’t need to worry about their technical support team.

So in our conclusion, the main difference between ASPHostPortal and DiscountASP.NET are their price and features.

Depth Review on ASP.NET Hosting Features

As we have explained above, both of them have great support in ASP.NET. They both offer the latest Windows Server 2012, IIS 8.5, SQL 2014 and 2012, ASP.NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 5, Ajax, Full Trust, Silverlight, etc. ASPHostPortal also support for Crystal Report hosting and SQL Reporting Services. We have checked that they have the best price for Crystal Report and SQL Reporting Services.

Free DomainYesNo
Domain HostingUnlimited1
Disk Space5 GB1 GB
Bandwidth60 GB80 GB
E-mail AddressesUnlimited500

From the above comparison chart, it is clear that ASPHostPortal hosting wins in terms of web hosting features. DiscountASP.NET .net hosting plan offers 1000 MB of disk space, 80 GB/mo of bandwidth, 500 e-mail addresses. They do not offer any free domain name, so you have to pay separately for the domain name. On the other end, ASPHostPortal provides 5 GB disk space, 60 GB data transfer, and unlimited email addresses, as well as free domain name for life.

Both ASPHostPortal and DiscountASP.NET provides quality web servers and world class data centers.

Our Recommendation for ASP.NET Hosting

As we have explained above, they are best in ASP.NET hosting industry, but for affordable hosting, we vote for ASPHostPortal as your hosting provider. For more information about ASPHostPortal, please visit


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