Buzzz…!!! SQL 2016 has been Released! What’s New? Hosting Recommendation? – Windows ASP.NET Hosting 2018 | Review and Comparison

Instead of new ASP.NET Core RC 2, Microsoft has released new SQL 2016. That’s amazing! In this article, we will inform the latest buzz in SQL 2016 and the hosting provider that support this newest SQL 2016. Do you want to try this newest SQL 2016, right? So, we will divide this article in 2 section, one about newest feature in SQL 2016 and the second is the hosting provider that support this SQL 2016.


What’s New in SQL 2016?

Some of the new features and enhancements in this release of SQL Server include the following:

Always Encypted
Dynamic Data Masking
JSON Support
Multiple TempDB Database Files
Query Store
Row Level Security
R Comes to SQL Server
Stretch Database
Temporal Table

Recommendation Hosting Provider that Support SQL 2016

Nowadays, anybody can afford to order a feature-packed web hosting plan for next to nothing; however, affordable price is not the only criterion which should be considered when purchasing web hosting services. The basics of what you should look for in choosing a web hosting company, not just concentrating on the best price and features, but also on reliability and honesty. You’re investing your money and effort into finding paying customers and you wouldn’t like to lose them in order to save a few dollars per month on a web hosting service. In this article, we will help you to find best recommendation for SQL 2016 hosting and the reason why we choose them to be your hosting partner.

Choosing a best and cheap SQL 2016 hosting is not an easy task, since there’re so many SQL 2016 hosting providers in the industry.

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a web host which is affordable and cheap SQL 2016 hosting provider.

  • What’s their pricing like?
  • Do they offer easy server upgrades when you require them?
  • What kind of bandwidth limitations do they have?
  • What types of servers do they employ?

These are all fairly important questions, but none is as important as customer service.

Unfortunately, customer service is the most difficult factor to assess when choosing a web host.

We have selected the best and cheap SQL 2016 hosting service providers based on their:-

  • Customer experience.
  • Performance.
  • Uptime.
  • Customer service.
  • Money value.

Worth for Money SQL 2016 Hosting – ASPHostPortal

ASPHostPortal offers various ASP.NET hosting packages including shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting. Their shared hosting package is perfect for new site, but if you need more resources in SQL, then you can go with their dedicated server plan.

To select hosting provider, we always evaluate a hosting company based on this parameters below:

  • Hosting optimized for ASP.NET
  • Pricing
  • Resources
  • Ease of use
  • Custom Support

We will further explain all this below, allowing you to evaluate whether ASPHostPortal is right for your site.

ASPHostPortal’s SQL 2016 Hosting Pricing and Features

ASPHostPortal shared hosting comes in four different packages, and you can choose the one that is right for you according to your unique needs.

Host Intro
ASP.NET Plan for Beginner
1 GB Disk Space
10 GB Bandwith
1 Hosted Domain
Windows Server 2008/2012
ASP.NET v1.0/2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5
ASP.NET Core 1.0/2.0
0 MSSQL database
0 MySQL database
Unlimited Email Accounts
Full Trust Allowed
Dedicated Application Pool
URL Rewrite
WebDeploy Support
WebSocket Support
Visit Site
Host One
ASP.NET for Small Site
5 GB Disk Space
60 GB Bandwith
Unlimited Hosted Domains
Windows Server 2008/2012
ASP.NET v1.0/2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5
ASP.NET Core 1.0/2.0
2 MSSQL database
3 MySQL database
Unlimited Email Accounts
Full Trust Allowed
Dedicated Application Pool
URL Rewrite
WebDeploy Support
WebSocket Support
Visit Site
Host Two
ASP.NET for Medium Site
15 GB Disk Space
150 GB Bandwith
Unlimited Hosted Domains
Windows Server 2008/2012
ASP.NET v1.0/2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5
ASP.NET Core 1.0/2.0
4 MSSQL database
6 MySQL database
Unlimited Email Accounts
Full Trust Allowed
Dedicated Application Pool
URL Rewrite
WebDeploy Support
WebSocket Support
Visit Site
Host Three
ASP.NET for Developer
50 GB Disk Space
500 GB Bandwith
Unlimited Hosted Domains
Windows Server 2008/2012
ASP.NET v1.0/2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5
ASP.NET Core 1.0/2.0
6 MSSQL database
10 MySQL database
Unlimited Email Accounts
Full Trust Allowed
Dedicated Application Pool
URL Rewrite
WebDeploy Support
WebSocket Support
Visit Site

If you are starter site, then you can go with Host One package.

If you plan to host multiple sites, and need more SQL space, then Host Two is recommended for you. It has come with 500 MB MSSQL space/domain.

If you’re company site/ecommerce site that requires big SQL space, then go ahead with their Host Three packages. You can use this promo code ‘DBSQL’ to get DOUBLE MSSQL space

My recommendation for most users would be the “Host Two” package as it offers everything you need (unless you are a business user in need of big SQL space).

Manage SQL 2016 Database Easily with Their Control Panel

ASPHostPortal’s servers are powered with Plesk. The Plesk control panel is one of the most popular ASP.NET hosting control panels available.


The control panel allows you to easily manage your domain names, add email addresses, create your SQL 2016 database , upload and download files via the FileManager or create FTP account if you want to use an FTP client.

Strong Uptime Guarantee 99.97% (last 12 months)

ASPHostPortal’s uptime comes in at industry average (99.97%) over the prior twelve months. This is only 3 hours of downtime out of 8760 hours that we had last year.

Vast majority happened on December; ASPHostPortal claimed that they had various DDos attack towards their servers. Overall, not perfect, but not terrible either. We’d say it’s strongly above the average which is somewhere at 99.90%.

  • June 2015 avg. uptime: 99.98% (8 minutes of downtime)
  • July 2015 avg. uptime: 100% (no downtime)
  • August 2015 avg. uptime: 100% (no downtime)
  • September 2015 avg. uptime: 100% (no downtime)
  • October 2015 avg. uptime: 99.98% (9 minutes of downtime)
  • November 2015 avg. uptime: 99.99% (4 minutes of downtime)
  • December 2015 avg. uptime: 99.89% (1 hour of downtime)
  • January 2016 avg. uptime: 100% (no downtime)
  • February 2016 avg. uptime: 99.97% (12 minutes of downtime)
  • March 2016 avg. uptime: 99.93% (44 minutes of downtime)
  • April 2016 avg. uptime: 99.95% (23 minutes of downtime)
  • May 2016 avg. uptime: 99.99% (8 minutes of downtime)


Another Reasons to Choose ASPHostPortal as Your SQL 2016 Hosting

Extraordinary SQL 2016 Hosting Plan

As you can see above, they have great uptime guarantee and also great server performance. We never feel disappointed with them. Our site’s uptime record never goes below 99.9% uptime. We believe with around $5.00-$8.00/month ASP.NET hosting plan, this company is really reliable and you can rely to them.

Upgrade Anytime You Like

Outgrown your current web host? No problem. With ASPHostPortal, you can upgrade to cloud or dedicated hosting plan easily (more about how to choose the right ASPHostPortal hosting plans later).

Money Back Guarantee

Okay, you probably do not care much about refund policy and trial period if a web host is performing well. However ASPHostPortal’s long trial period indicates a few positive things – one, the company is very confident with their service quality (30 days is the longest full refund period in hosting industry); and two, longer trial period shows that the company has strong commitment in meeting customers satisfaction.

Microsoft Hosting Partner

Since 2012, they become of the best ASP.NET and SQL 2016 Hosting partner. You can see their site on Microsoft Spotlight site. So, are you still doubt with them? They have been awarded as Microsoft Spotlight Partner, this indicate they are fully support Microsoft SQL Server and have expertise in Microsoft SQL product.

Great Record in ASP.NET Hosting Business

Instead of Microsoft Hosting partner, the last thing we want to see is our hosting company ran out of business. Note that ASPHostPortal has been around for more than a decade. This means the company survived the collapse of sub prime crisis (2008). If you are looking for a sustainable and stable hosting company, ASPHostPortal Hosting definitely fits the bill perfectly.

ASPHostPortal Customer Support

Compared to other hosting services, we would rate ASPHostPorta;’s customer support as 4/5. In most cases, resolution time is 5-30 minutes, which is an average support time for any shared hosting.

Since ASPHostPortal servers are optimized for ASP.NET hosting, you will find that you have very few issues with them. Moreover, they have been in the hosting business for almost 10 years, which is remarkable longevity for any web-hosting company.

In a nutshell, for a cost of $5.00/month, ASPHostPortal is a reliable hosting company that is perfect for hosting a small or mid-sized ASP.NET site.

ASPHostPortal also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with their hosting, you can cancel your account within the first 30 days and get a full refund!

Do We Recommend Them as Your SQL 2016 Hosting Provider?

Let’s make a summary about ASPHostPortal SQL 2016 hosting service. Firstly, ASPHostPortal is the company who provides 100% .NET focused products only. Their hosting solution contains great rich resources, features and tools, and can help customers build and manage very powerful websites. Secondly, ASPHostPortal uses the latest Microsoft technologies and robust hardware to deliver customers one of the most reliable and fastest server performances.

The support service of ASPHostPortal is responsive and effective. Customers can contact the support technicians and get answers at any time. Through the special promotion, ASPHostPortal hosting price is cut down to $5.00 per month, with friendly 30 Days Money Back Guarantee covered.

Taking all ASPHostPortal hosting advantages and benefits into consideration, ASPHostPortal can be regarded as one of the best SQL 2016 hosting solutions that strongly recommend to individuals, developers and businesses.

Please visit to know further about their hosting business.