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3 Best ASP.NET Core Hosting with Load Balancing Features

During rush hour, a load balancer acts as a traffic cop analogous to one. A load balancer, on the other hand, routes network traffic to servers that are available on your network, rather than cars. Unexpected traffic can crash your server without load balancing, leading to a bad user experience and expensive downtime.

A sluggish website frequently turns away visitors. Massive volumes of traffic are handled by websites owned by banks, social media platforms, government agencies, and eCommerce sites, and downtime can have dire consequences.

99.9% website uptime is the industry standard and the minimum objective. It is definitely time to think about hosting with a load balancing solution if your website doesn’t meet this requirement. The top load-balancing hosting packages for your website are listed here.

What Is Load Balancing?

By dividing up incoming traffic among several servers, load balancing enhances scalability, dependability, and performance of web hosting. Websites can withstand increased traffic volumes without stuttering or crashing when load balancing is implemented.

The benefits of load balancing include:

  • Regular server health checks guarantee high availability by directing workloads to a functional server.
  • No downtime of the website, irrespective of the current traffic volume.
  • You can add or remove physical or virtual servers from your infrastructure as needed.
  • There are security features like SSL encryption, WAF, and MFA.

A recent survey found that 71% of businesses had unexpected website outages, either partial or complete. While full downtime describes the unavailability of the entire website, partial downtime refers to the unavailability of a few pages or sections of a website. The figures are astonishing. The load balancing solutions mentioned above should be your first line of defense for maintaining the availability of your website because they help prevent unintentional website downtime.

Best ASP.NET Core Hosting Providers that Offer Load Balancer

A method for distributing server workload among multiple network servers or resources is load balancing. Incoming traffic requests are received by a virtual server or software, which is used by VPS load balancing to direct traffic requests like a traffic cop. By using this method, the overloading of a single server is avoided.

1. ASPHostPortal

One of the top ASP.NET Core hosting that offer load balancing is ASPHostPortal. A higher server uptime guarantee than most competitors is offered by the VPS hosting platform: 99.95%. Every ASPHostPortal hosting plan boasts powerful Intel Xeon Platinum CPUs and lightning-fast SSD storage.

ASPHostPortal offers cost-effective and adaptable billing options. You can choose the operating system version, amount of RAM, bandwidth, disk space, and processing power that you require for your web hosting environment.

Key Features

  • Ultimate scalability with limitless customizations
  • Easily add load balancers and firewalls
  • Stellar 99.99% uptime guarantee

2. HostForLIFE.eu

At the application level, intelligent load distribution is offered by the HostForLIFE.eu Managed Application Load Balancer. Individual routing rules, frequent health checks, an integrated listener interface supporting multiple IP addresses, bidirectional communication channels, TLS connection relocation, and the option to configure a warm-up phase are just a few of the features that the managed cloud hosting solution has to offer.

The HostForLIFE.eu Network Load Balancer and the HostForLIFE.eu Application Load Balancer work together. It is possible to extend load balancing and use cases by deploying both HostForLIFE.eu load balancers in a stack. The hosting provider is without a doubt among the best load balancing hosting options and offers an hourly pricing model that is reasonably priced with no hidden fees.

Key Features:

  • Cloudflare CDN, DDoS protection, and backups
  • Performance-boosting SSDs and cloud flexibility
  • Rock-solid reliability with 100% uptime guarantees

3. EasyHostingASP.NET

With the help of EasyHostingASP.net Load Balancers, you can scale your website more quickly and consistently. The cloud hosting platform is very simple to set up and supports HTTP/2 and Proxy Protocol.

Load balancers from EasyHostingASP.NET are affordable, safe, and expandable. That said, EasyHostingASP’s solution is not what you need if you’re searching for a feature-rich cloud load balancing plan. Beginners should use EasyHostingASP.NET Load Balancers.

Key Features

  • Auto scaling with premium Intel processors
  • No throttling or traffic restrictions, ever
  • Deploy your Asp.net application in less than 1 minute

How to Select Right ASP.NET Hosting with Load Balancer Features

The following eight steps will help you choose the best load-balancing Asp.net hosting plan for your website:

  1. Make a website blueprint after taking your company’s needs into account.
  2. Examine the website traffic projections and the type of hosting (cloud or VPN).
  3. Analyze the security specifications.
  4. Strive for flexibility and scalability.
  5. Examine features and cost structures.
  6. Focus only on the top three hosting packages when you search.
  7. Go through real client testimonials.
  8. Make a purchase decision.

You can select a load balancing strategy that guarantees maximum performance, high availability, and a positive user experience by following these steps.