AGAIN and AGAIN!!! SmarterASP Hit by Ransomware! – Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2023 | Review and Comparison

Wow… Wow…. One of Windows hosting provider hit by ransomware again. Few years ago, SmarterASP hit by ransomware attack, now this happened again on their system. What happened?! Is there any problem on their security system? Is there loop hole so hacker can easily login to their system?

At this time, all of their European server down because this ransomware attack. Around 18:00 PST (2am BST), 10 hours after the power outage began, the company posted a message on its website condemning the power outage problem.

The following is complete email from the company:

“Last night, there was a major outage in the EU data center. As a result, some of our database servers were badly damaged along with the backup data on those servers. We deeply apologize for this. I haven’t had this problem for the last 20 years. Now I’m making changes to prevent this from happening again. If you have a database backup, restore it from the control panel. The site should work again.

Is it true because Power Outage Problem?

We have checked further from their customers and it is clearly not because Power Outage problem, SmarterASP didn’t admit that the server hit again by ransomware. But, the weird thing is why all files and databases were gone again like few years ago? Why power outage happened so long time?

All Customers Files Gone!!

Clients without local backups seem unlucky as SmarterASP has been reported to have lost everything. In a live chat response, the company said, “I’m very sorry,” giving the customer the root folder of their account to confirm the backup, and cheekyly advising them to make a local backup in the future.

From message above, SmarterASP try to recover missing files and databases. But, we do believe that hacker has erased all their backup too.

The following is the latest update that we got:

From above message, we can ensure that there is vulnerability issue on their system. If you believe that your website and files are important, it is not wise to use them as your hosting provider. It can happened again in the next few years.

Unlucky Customer

There are many unlucky customers that files and dbs gone and can’t be recovered well. It means that you start your job from beginning again, you waste your time and money. SmarterASP try to offer their clients free 18 months hosting again. But, think it twice!!! DON’T be tempted anymore!!

Unfortunately, there is no law requiring hosting companies to provide backup services, and even large companies like Godaddy and Rackspace are not responsible for backing up customer data. This is a common misconception in this area, and probably why so many Smarter ASP customers are currently in meltdown mode. Many customers have already reported that they have lost their customers.

Fake Customer Reviews?

Based on our investigation, they have paid organization to write positive reviews about their service. DON’T trust with their positive reviews, they always trying to cover up their negative reviews. We have found several negative reviews about their service and most of them related with security issue. Here are several reviews that we get:

There are so many negative reviews about their security system. You can always find it online. If you see so many positive reviews, IT IS FAKE!!!

Final Verdict – Migrate is the ANSWER!

We believe this issue will happened again. If you feel your website and files are important, no need to depend on this provider. There are many hosting providers that you can choose as an alternative. We know that you only spend less $ using their service, but how about your data? Is it important or not?

The following are few ASP.NET hosting providers that we recommend if you are looking for hosting providers:

#1. Best ASP.NET Hosting Provider – ASPHostPortal

Since 2008, ASPHostPortal has been growing into one of the best cheap ASP.NET Core hosting provider that offer affordable ASP.NET Core hosting provider. They offer top quality and the latest ASP.NET Core hosting on their ASP.NET Core hosting environment.

ASPHostPortal is the #1 ASP.NET web hosting company according to us and millions users. ASPHostPortal is one of top recommended Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting provider, they provide reliable and cheap ASP.NET Core hosting and they have huge support, you can easily contact them anytime you want.

ASPHostPortal has various ASP.NET Core shared hosting plan which start from with an affordable price. There are 4 favorite ASP.NET Core hosting plans which start from Host One, Host Two, Host Three, and Host Four. Host One plan start with $5.00/month. Host Two start with $9.00/month, Host Three is the most favorite plan start from $14.00/month and Host Four start with $23.00/month. That was previous price and if you purchase their ASP.NET Core hosting plan via our site, you can get more discount price. Host One priced at $3.81/month, $7.21/month, $11.46/month, and $18.27/month All of their ASP.NET Core hosting plan allows user host unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, at least 1 MSSQL and 1 MySQL database.

#2. Top Choice ASP.NET Hosting Provider in Europe – HostForLIFEASP.NET

HostForLIFEASP.NET is a ASP.NET Core hosting provider only engaged in Windows-based hosting solutions. It owns a big advantage that is short distance between its offices and the datacenter. HostForLIFEASP.NET has many data centers in Europe. This is big advantages for customers in Europe. Customer can choose their Paris, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and also their newest Italy datacenters if you register their ASP.NET Core hosting plan.

#3. Premium ASP.NET Hosting Provider – UKWindowsHostASP.NET

Here is other top recommendation for ASP.NET Core hosting, named UKWindowsHostASP.NET. Many users recommend their services if you’re looking for premium service ASP.NET Core hosting provider.

This company utilizes 5 datacenters. You can choose their London, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, and also their Amsterdam data center while registering their ASP.NET Core hosting services. They have redundant resources to support UKWindowsHostASP.NET servers. Note that UKWindowsHostASP.NET purchases servers only from Dell.

Customer can easily deploy ASP.NET Core site via their Plesk panel. There are 3 options to choose while deploying your ASP.NET Core files, you can choose FTP, File Manager, and also WebDeploy. Customer can always start from their Economy plan (£5.99/month) which include 5 GB storage, 50 GB bandwith, full trust, 1 MSSQL, 1 MySQL, and unlimited email accounts. Plus their 24*7 support is awesome.