Who is Your Favorite for ASP.NET Hosting? ASPHostPortal or LunarPages? - Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and ComparisonWindows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

Every business—and that includes small businesses, large organizations, and individual sole-proprietorships—needs a website, but the monthly costs can mean the difference between having a full-blown ecommerce presence or just a static page with hours and location. Let’s face it, if you’re creating a website for a business, cost is a critically important consideration.

ASPHostPortal and LunarPages are two big asp.net hosting provider. Millions of people in this world using their web hosting services. In this review, we will discuss about their ASP.NET hosting services. We will make comparison between them based on price, performance, reliability, and also support.

The ASPHostPortal vs LunarPages acts as a justice to help readers make a right choice. This comparison analyzes the similarities and differences of the two hosting providers with a view to price, Microsoft technologies, performance and customer support.

Business Overview

ASPHostPortal was founded in 2008, and now it has become one of the fastest growing ASP.NET web hosts around the world. ASPHostPortal asp.net hosting products with unmatched reliability, quality and affordability has supported thousands of individuals, small business and corporate websites on a global level.

LunarPages also in this ASP.NET hosting business for more a decade. LunarPages offer both windows ASP.NET hosting and also Linux hosting on their hosting environment. They also offer domain registration, SSL, dedicated server, and VPS.

ASPHostPortal vs LunarPages on ASP.NET Hosting Pricing

ASPHostPortal offers various ASP.NET hosting plan on their shared hosting plan. ASPHostPortal lowest plan named Host Intro Plan which start from $1.00/month. Then, the second plan named Host One plan from $4.50/month, Host Two plan from $8.50/month, Host Three plan from $13.50/month. They also offer Advanced shared hosting plan for clients that require more resources and powerful speed for their site.


Lunarpages, on other hand, only offer 1 ASP.NET hosting plan. It cost $9.95/month. They also offer money back guarantee for clients that don’t satisfy with their performance.

ASPHostPortal vs Lunarpages on ASP.NET Hosting Features

Similarly, ASPHostPortal and Lunarpages provide ASP.NET hosting. The most different between them is that ASPHostPortal comes with good performance, while Lunarpages is not reliable enough.

In order to learn about each company directly, we have listed the noticeable features in the following table.

Hosting PlanHost OneWindows Hosting
Disk Space5 GBUnlimited
Bandwith30 GBUnknown
Hosted SitesUnlimitedUnknown
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Control PanelPleskPlesk
Full TrustYesYes
MSSQL Database2Unlimited
ASP.NET Core Yes No
Money Back GuaranteeYesYes
Price $4.50/mo $9.95/mo

From the above comparison, it is very little information that we can get from Lunarpages site. It is not too clear enough if you are new customers. New customers will face difficulty to find more info on their site. ASPHostPortal is very clearly show all the features on their site, it makes very fair in this business, and there is no hidden fees. As potential customers, we would rather to choose ASPHostPortal than Lunarpages.

ASPHostPortal vs Lunarpages on ASP.NET Hosting Performance

ASPHostPortal guarantees 99.9% uptime, because of premium hardware, data centers and network infrastructure; Lunarpages guarantees 100% uptime because of its Heroic Support, 3 high quality data centers, cloud technology. ASPHostPortal and Lunarpages both use SSD hard drive to power VPS, providing the fastest performance.

ASPHostPortal only applies enterprises grade 15K RPM drives in RAID 10 arrangement for the best reliability and performance. It also understands the importance of performance, so it utilizes UPS power supply and N+1 generator architecture to resolve power outage. Lunarpages carefully choose the best locations, uses Tier 1 telecom providers and direct Internet connections to ensure great network. Premium NOC has well-trained staffs maintaining software for high performance.

Security is key factor for online business success. ASPHostPortal provides customers with DDoS attack response, secured entrance & exit, firewall, as well as brute force detection. Nightly security updates are also included.

As for Lunarpages, the company deploys servers in 3 well-designed data centers. Each of them is equipped with redundant battery cabinets, UPS supply, and premium distribution units, guaranteeing uninterruptable power supply. Also, Tier 1 premium bandwidth providers ensure fast connections to each point of global Internet.

As for security, ASPHostPortal equips high quality security facilities including solid external walls and access card system, site remote monitoring and more. Its highly trained technicians are on-site round the clock, giving the fastest incident response time.

For uptime guarantee, we can make conclusion that they offer high uptime guarantee.

For speed, we have monitored  the uptime and server response time of all the 2 companies for over 12 months, ASPHostPortal is better than Lunarpages, ASPHostPortal is 36% faster than Lunarpages. See the real-time statistics chart as the following.


So, if you need great performance for your ASP.NET site, we would highly recommend you to choose ASPHostPortal ASP.NET hosting.

ASPHostPortal vs Lunarpages on ASP.NET Hosting Support

ASPHostPortal hires engineers who are ready 24/7 a day. All of them have strong ASP.NET hosting experience so they can always help customers find solutions as soon as possible.

Lunarpages has mainly three types of customer support and a support forum. They are trying to solve customers’ issues through, E-mails, contact forms, and via direct phone calls. Do they have an awesome support?

In 2010, lunarpages is considered as one of the best hosting providers on the planet. But what happened after that? They lose popularity and now they have only hosted 150000 clients. And the secret is, most of their clients are not happy with their service. The load time is very high and that’s why we decided to contact customer care. But our experience was very bad. They don’t even know how to respond politely.

You can read many Lunarpages reviews on the internet. Everyone is pointing towards their customer support. Negligence towards simple issues made customers unhappy and their simple issues become a severe case and peoples started to leave lunarpages.

Final Conclusion – ASPHostPortal is Better than Lunarpages for ASP.NET Hosting

We’ve compared key features of both ASPHostPortal and Lunarpages and as you see, ASPHostPortal is the clear winner. Lunarpages might be very famous for ASP.NET hosting in the world, but the total customer satisfaction for Lunarpages is not up-to the mark as compared to ASPHostPortal.

Here’s a list of reasons why we recommend ASPHostPortal as your ASP.NET Hosting provider:

  • Fast server performance
  • Cheaper ASP.NET hosting services with more rich features
  • Good customer support and reliability: ASPHostPortal is always available should you have any grievances
  • Lower number of cancellation of hosting accounts on ASPHostPortal than on Lunarpages.