ASP.NET Hosting Review - DiscountASP vs Godaddy - Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and ComparisonWindows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

DiscountASP and GoDaddy are two big web hosting provider. Millions of people in this world using their web hosting services. In this review, we will discuss about their ASP.NET hosting services. We will make comparison between them based on price, performance, reliability, and also support.

People who register domain name with GoDaddy choose to buy web hosting from GoDaddy as they find it convenient to set up their website. On the other hand, DiscountASP is another name suggested when it comes to the best hosting.

DiscountASP vs Godaddy ASP.NET Hosting Features

In order to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of Godaddy and DiscountASP, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of their features.

DiscountASP has only 1 ASP.NET hosting plan. The DiscountASP features Is very limited, their hosting plan comes with 1 GB storage, 80 GB data transfer, 500 email accounts with 500 MB email space storage. For MSSQL database, you need to purchase this addon and it will cost $10.00/month. For domain registration, it will cost you $15.00/year with private whois $5.00/year.


On the other hand, when it comes to GoDaddy, they have three plans; namely, economy, deluxe and the ultimate plans. All these plans provide unlimited bandwidth. The economy plan can host one domain while the other two can host unlimited.


In conclusion, the Godaddy offer rich features than DiscountASP. But, stay in this post and keep reading.

DiscountASP vs Godaddy ASP.NET Hosting Pricing

As previously wrote above, DiscountASP is only offer 1 ASP.NET hosting plan. They have 2 pricing structure, the quarterly plan will cost you $30.00 and if you pay yearly in advance, it will cost you $90.00 which is quite expensive for ASP.NET hosting.

Godaddy offers various ASP.NET hosting plan on their shared hosting plan. Godaddy lowest plan named Economy Plan which start from $2.29/mo. Then, the second plan named Deluxe plan from $4.49/mo, and Ultimate plan comes with $7.49/mo

Both DiscountASP and Godaddy offer 30 days money back guarantee. So, if you don’t satisfy with their hosting services, you can claim for 30 days money back guarantee.

DiscountASP vs Godaddy ASP.NET Hosting Performance

DiscountASP.NET owns two data centers, which located in Europe and the United States and Both data centers are equipped with DELL servers that deploy 4x Intel XEON CPUs, 64GB RAM, RAID 10, and very fast internet connection with bandwidth speeds of 1000 Mbits.

DiscountASP.NET uses multiple Tier 1 telecom providers to provide faster speed and better reliability of the Internet connection. Their network infrastructure is designed to by-pass transit networks and shortens the network path between the websites.

GoDaddy datacenter located in Phoenix, and it features both raised-floor and slab environment, along with overhead power cabling throughout, comprehensive cooling system, uninterruptible power supply and other equipment & maintenance. Generally, GoDaddy Windows hosting can be considered as good, but we still see few drawbacks of GoDaddy reliability.

If we talk about speed, this is really important thing for our business. We have monitored both sites actively in order to get how fast their server speed. We found that DiscountASP speed 2 times faster than Godaddy. DiscountASP only takes around 300 ms to load while Godaddy consume 700 ms to load. If you believe that your site is important, than we never recommend you to go with Godaddy. Although the price is low, but the performance is not good enough for your site.

Here is the data that we have collected

DiscountASP vs Godaddy ASP.NET Hosting Customer Support

DiscountASP.NET offers 24/7 customer support via its support portal and email only. Users are suggested to give preference to the support portal. Some customers may question the efficiency of its support team because there is no phone or live chat service available.

However, for its clients, these channels are enough and effective. By support portal, you do not need to restate your identity and order history, which actually saves some time in the process of solving problem. Besides, the support team consists of many specialists in Windows hosting, and in that way they do not have to waste time in answering phone and confirming identity, which enables them to fix your problems in a more methodic way as soon as possible.

Besides, knowledge base and community forum are also available, which is practical and helpful for developers especially for newbies, because almost all FAQs can be solved in the simplest way.

GoDaddy support team can be contacted through 24×7 phone call and email methods. The most effective Live Chat is available between 5 a.m. to midnight MST. Usually, support staffs will help solve customers’ issues timely. We still cannot ensure whether GoDaddy outsources its support service to other third-party or not.

For some common questions of its Windows hosting, customers can check out their support knowledgebase to find articles and solutions quickly.

Are There Other Cheap and Reliable ASP.NET Hosting Recommendation?

Godaddy is cheap for ASP.NET hosting, but they are not too reliable. In other hand, DiscountASP is premium ASP.NET hosting plan, but the price is quite expensive for ASP.NET hosting. By considering their price, features, customer services, we would recommend you to visit ASPHostPortal ASP.NET Hosting plan.

ASPHostPortal has been providing ASP.NET hosting service with a rare combination of excellent quality and reliability. As one of the most developer-friendly ASP.NET hosting service provider, ASPHostPortal includes all the latest Microsoft server technology in its hosting plan. What’s more, the price of its ASP.NET hosting is quite cheap. Instead of the regular price $5.00/mo and this plan has include MSSQL databases, full trust hosting, isolated application pool. Besides, it also guarantees 30 Days Money Back to keep customers’ money safe.