ASPHostPortal vs SmarterASP.NET - Who is the Best Choice for ASP.NET Hosting? - Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and ComparisonWindows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

SmarterASP.NET and ASPHostPortal are two companies specialized in ASP.NET hosting with guaranteed service and award-winning technical support. For people crying out for a high-quality ASP.NET hosting solution, the two hosting providers both can be good options. Thus, making a choice from them seems a hard decision for webmasters.

We know that finding cheap and reliable hosting is not an easy task and it is crucial for your web application. Since there are many clients ask us about who is the best choice between ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET, we decide to write the review about them. We will analyze price, hosting features, technical support, and also server speed.

ASPHostPortal vs SmarterASP.NET ASP.NET Hosting Pricing

lampASPHostPortal offers 4 shared hosting plan named Host Intro, Host One, Host Two, and Host Three and most of clients start from their Host One plan. The prices of plans start from $1.00/month, $5.00/month, $9.00/month, and $14.00/month.

In other hand, SmarterASP.NET has 3 ASP.NET shared hosting packages named Basic, Advance, and Premium which start from $2.95/month, $4.95/month, and $7.95/month. If we compare the price, they are almost same in price and they are windows hosting provider that offer affordable ASP.NET hosting solution.

Both of them also offers money back guarantee if customers don’t satisfy with their services. ASPHostPortal guarantees 30 days money back guarantee and SmarterASP.NET has 60 days money back guarantee.

ASPHostPortal vs SmarterASP.NET ASP.NET Hosting Features

ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET include latest versions of Windows server, MSSQL, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and some other advanced Microsoft technologies. To know their strength clearly, we list the main features in the following table.

Plan ComparisonHost OneBasic
Hosted DomainUnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Space 5 GBUnlimited
Bandwith 60 GBUnlimited
Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 2008R2/2012
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Control PanelPleskCustom
Full TrustYesYes
Isolated Application PoolYesNo
URL RewriteYesYes

Although SmarterASP.NET offer Unlimited disk space and bandwith, it doesn’t mean that customer can upload big files to their server, customer require to read their TOS again. ‘Unlimited’ is only marketing word and this is not TRUE.

ASPHostPortal use Plesk Control Panel to manage files, database, and emails. As we may know that Plesk is one of the best Control Panel for Windows. It is really suitable and work perfectly on windows hosting environment.

SmarterASP.NET use their custom Control Panel. However, when we tested it, sometimes the features doesn’t work fine and it will throw an error. The positive feedback is you can manage your files easily using their Control Panel.

ASPHostPortal vs SmarterASP.NET Performance

ASPHostPortal utilizes more than 6 data centers, featuring redundant power, diesel backup generators and multiple fiber trunks, to make sure the maximum connectivity rates. Locating data centers in US, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore, Australia, and newest Hongkong Data center, ASPHostPortal guarantees a high uptime of 99.99% by utilizing fully redundant power supply and backup generators. In addition, the company guarantees 24/7 maintenance for all facilities and keeps a high level of security by equipping HVAC temperature control systems.

SmarterASP.NET in other hand only has 3 data centers also deliver 99.99% uptime to the websites hosted all over the world.

But, based on our server monitoring, we can guarantee that ASPHostPortal has better performance than SmarterASP.NET. It might caused that SmarterASP.NET overload their server so the server speed is very slow. Our monitoring team has hosted websites on ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET in past months and collected relevant statistics during test period. The result shows that  ASPHostPortal performs well both in speed and stability. The average response time of its servers is within 250 ms for ASPHostPortal. SmarterASP.NET consume almost 700 ms, it is same like Godaddy. Please see this chart below

ASPHostPortal vs SmarterASP.NET Technical Support

Both ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET has a professional technical support team which is 24/7 available to offer customer full-round and responsive customer service. Usually, consumers can ask for solutions via email and ticketing system. Besides, this company promises to respond all the customers with satisfactory answers in a short time.

And also, the technicians have written various hosting tutorials included in the Knowledge Base or Blog to help webmasters minimize the difficulty on site development.

Conclusion – We Recommend ASPHostPortal

Both ASPHostPortal and SmarterASP.NET are great ASP.NET hosting solution. For features, they offer rich features, for pricing and money back policy, SmarterASP.NET offer advantages than ASPHostPortal. But, if you are webmasters that require high speed, than ASPHostPortal is the best option.


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