ASPHostPortal Windows Dedicated Server Review – FREE SQL Server Start from $149.99/mo - Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and ComparisonWindows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

Founded in 2008, ASPHostPortal become one of the largest windows hosting provider in this world. This company also offer the updated windows technology on their hosting environment. Despite ASPHostPortal website which appears quite busy, this host only has one Windows web hosting base plan that covers the essentials for what most people need.

Today we will review their Windows Dedicated Server features based on their features, pricing, performance, supports, from which we can judge whether it is a good Windows dedicated provider.

Best and Affordable Windows Dedicated Server Plan with ASPHostPortal

ASPHostPortal Windows Dedicated Server Amazing Features

Dedicated server hosting makes a perfect choice for your business if you want to experience matchless website performance, data security and enhanced control of your computing resources.

In the case of ASPHostPortal Windows dedicated server hosting, customers will face 8 plans with different-level features. But, in this review we will discuss about their Windows Dedicated server plan with FREE SQL standard version. If you take a look on their dedicated server plan, you can see 4 windows dedicated server plan, start from Silver Class, Gold Class, Platinum Class, and Titanium Class. From their lowest plan (Silver Class), this windows dedicated server plan contains Intel Xeon Dual Core Processor, 1000 Mbps backbone speed, 100 GB disk space storage, 1000 GB traffic, 1 static IP, FREE SQL 2005/2008/2012/2014 Standard Version, SAN Storage, Plesk Control Panel, Antivirus, Firewall Protection, and Full 24×7 RDP access. In addition, they have many data centers in different location, so customers can select the data center that customer want. They have data centers in different location, US, UK, Netherland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, and also Singapore.


ASPHostPortal Windows Dedicated Server plan with FREE SQL Server Start with Only $149.99/mo

As we have discussed above, their windows dedicated server plan with SQL Standard version comes with 4 hosting plan. The cheapest one is $149.99/mo, including above referred features. Gold plan priced at $189.99/mo. The next plan named Platinum Class priced at $299.99/mo. And the most powerful windows dedicated server plan (Titanium class) priced at $399.99/mo.

For complete information, please see this table below:

PlanSilver Class Gold Class Platinum Class Titanium Class
12 monts payment $149.99 $189.99 $299.99 $399.99
6 monts payment $179.99 $219.99 $329.99 $429.99
1month payment $209.99 $249.99 $359.99 $459.99

ASPHostPortal Windows Dedicated Server Reliability

Uptime performance is really important factor when selecting windows dedicated server plan. For the purpose of this study, uptime performance is defined as the proportion of instances when the hosted websites were up and running. The uptime performance of all the hosted websites on each web hosting platform was tested regularly at an interval of 30 minutes. We have monitored their windows dedicated server plan and the result in really amazing. Their uptime guarantee reach 98.96% uptime. This is realy good and customer can trust their powerful server.

Why they can reach the great uptime? They have powerful data centers, coming with mature power system, network system, security system and cooling system. Besides, ASPHostPortal engineers are monitoring the server constantly. So any question will be solved promptly to reduce the loss.

Cheap Windows Dedicated Server Plan with Great Customer Support

Customers will receive award-winning customer supports from ASPHostPortal as well. It offers comprehensive support methods. Furthermore, premium supporting staffs deal with problems expertly and patiently. And no matter what time it is, customers can get answers. More than that, people can go to ASPHostPortal knowledgebase to search solutions if they want to help themselves. There are informative Windows dedicated server resources and other hosting resources.

Conclusion – Find Cheap Windows Dedicated Server with FREE SQL Server at ASPHostPortal

As all we know, Windows Dedicated Server is always expensive and some of business owners don’t want to spend this expenses. But ASPHostPortal dedicated server is low to $149.99/mo, and it also comes with SQL Standard Version, which is really affordable to big companies. And it has rich features, nice performance as well as dedicated supporting. Therefore, ASPHostPortal is just a good provider if people are considering purchasing one Windows dedicated server hosting. For more details of ASPHostPortal Windows dedicated server hosting, please go to



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