Best Windows Hosting Provider Recommendation 2014 - Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and ComparisonWindows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

After reviewed 50+ affordable and reputable Windows hosting providers on their reliability, speed, price, technologies and technical support, we recommend ASPHostPortal, myhosting and DiscountASP.NET as the best cheap Windows hosting providers in 2014.

Reason to Use Windows Hosting

When searching for web hosting you will typically run across a multitude of hosts that utilize a Linux platform, as well as a plethora that use a Windows platform. There are even some hosts that offer both options readily to their customers.

Because many people use Windows as their home operating system they think this is the better solution. Many believe that this will also cause them to specifically choose a Windows platform in their web hosting. However, the truth is that most people will be able to use a Linux platform without problematic instances. Sometimes the choice for Windows hosting is a personal preference and other times it is a necessity.

The main deciding factor, though, of whether or not you should use Windows comes down to whether or not you use Windows specific applications. These may include:

ASP – This is a basic application framework web designers may use to create pages.

FrontPage – This is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web page creator that allows you to create pages and forms within your site and then easily upload them to your site.

.NET – This is a software framework that provides a variety of solutions such as security, connectivity, application development and more.

Windows Streaming Media – This is a means of serving audio and video to the public and is often used for band sites or for movie trailers.

Access – This is a database system similar to MySQL often used as the back bone of various applications.

MSSQL – This is a relational database system often used with Cold Fusion or ASP

Any Windows proprietary application will be better served on a Windows platform simply because it is designed to work that way. Many Windows applications can be used on Linux via work arounds and add ons but they may not be secure or as robust as what is provided with Windows.

Reason They are the Best for Windows Hosting Provider

We know that to find windows hosting provider is not easy and we need to review them one by one. Here are several reasons why they are the best in windows hosting:

1. Always Keep up to date on Microsoft Technologies

As a good windows hosting provider, they always need to keep an update on their technology so users and developers can try the newest features. They must support the latest ASP.NET platform, IIS, Windows Server, MSSQL, etc.

2. High Performance and Reliability

Above windows hosting provider can guarantee 99.9% uptime. Furthermore, they build good infrastructure to ensure the high level of hosting reliability. The fast server response time is also a spotlight of all hosting solutions. Based on our monitoring to the server response time of ASPHostPortal, myhosting and DiscountASP.NET, we finally get the conclusion that ASPHostPortal is the most responsive one, only consuming 250ms on average (myhosting consumes 308ms while DiscountASP.NET consumes 357ms).

3. Nice Pricing

They are the windows hosting provider that provide affordable rate for windows hosting. Their hosting plan start from around $5.00-$10.00/month. This is fairly cheap if you compare with the feature that you get. Each plan includes at least 30 days refund policy so that you can experience the service to the fullest.

4. Fast and Friendly Technical Support

Three windows hosting provider above provide 24×7 technical support time like other hosting provider. When customers have problem, customers can easily contact their support team and they will assist you as soon as possible. And the other benefit, you can also read useful hosting knowledge and tips, the knowledgebase can help you a lot.

Best Cheap Windows Hosting Provider 2014


ASPHostPortal was founded in 2008 and provides Windows-based ASP web hosting services. With the 6+ years development and growth, ASPHostPortal has accumulated rich experience and has become a large Windows hosting providers over the Internet.

ASPHostPortal asphostportal-first-pageoffers various windows hosting plan start from $1.00-$20.00/month. Host Intro plan start from $1.00/month for starter/beginner who want to start a site. Host Two plan is the most favorite plan comes with $9.00/month.

In addtion to offering budget-friendly Windows hosting solutions, ASPHostPortal also attach great importance to the latest Microsoft technologies, great reliability, fast speed and award-winning technical support.


myhosting_first_pageMyHosting Windows hosting plans are the most cost effective Windows hosting plans we have reviewed. The regular price of MyHosting Shared Windows Hosting plan comes with $9.95/month.

MyHosting is an experienced web hosting provider devoting to both Windows and Linux based hosting services. With about the 10 years’ development, MyHosting ASP.NET web hosting plan has been a popular topic among ASP.NET users for its high quality Windows hosting services.


DiscountASP.NET is the Microsoft Gold hosting partner and recognized Windows hosting leader, completely focusing on Windows web hosting, with the perfect support to various kinds of Microsoft technology and solutions, since 2003.

DiscountdiscountaspASP.NET offers affordable Windows hosting plan starting at $10/mo. Actually, the company is carrying on a special limited-time promotion of 50% off now, that means the effective cost is starting at $5/mo – a very competitive price in the Windows hosting market.

DiscountASP.NET has been one of the leaders in Windows hosting industry since its establishment, with thousands of loyal customers for its great reliability and fast speed.


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