Comparison European Windows Hosting – HostForLIFE vs 1and1 – Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

HostForLIFE and 1and1 are two large windows hosting companies in Europe, which have hundreds and thousands of loyal clients. Both HostForLIFE and 1and1 covers almost everything in the field, including domain registration, web hosting, servers, eCommerce and other products and services.

There are many customers who are stuck with the two large windows hosting in Europe and have no idea about which one is better. So our editors spend some time to dig out real information about their hosting, hoping to provide useful guidance. In this HostForLIFE VS 1and1, we discuss the weakness and strengths from aspects like price, features, performance and customer service.

Pricing Policy

1and1 offers three Windows shared hosting for all. The three plans include the Basic Windows, the Unlimited Windows and the Performance Windows, which are priced at £3.99/mo, £4.99/mo and £6.99/mo respectively. At the first sight, you may be surprised that the company should provide such a low pricing. But you need to know that these prices are just starting prices. After the initial month, customers need to pay for the plans at renewal prices – £5.99/mo, £8.99/mo and £14.99/mo.

HostForLIFE offers five Windows shared hosting for all. The five plans include the Lite, Classic, Budget, Economy, and Business plan, which are priced at €1.29/mo, €3.00/mo, €5.50/mo, €8.00/mo, and €11.00/mo. If you compare it wisely, you will find that HostForLIFE offer the best and cost effective windows hosting solution

Both 1and1 and HostForLIFE offers 30 days money back guarantee.

Windows Hosting Feature

Webmasters who choose Windows hosting service attach great importance to some related features, like the Windows server, MSSQL, .NET framework, ASP.NET, etc. Besides, the resource allocation is also a big concern of a quality Windows hosting solution. We will compare HostForLIFE Classic Plan with 1and1 Basic Windows plan. Please see table below for complete information

Hosted DomainsUnlimited1
Disk SpaceUnlimited 100 GB
MySQLYes Yes
Email AccountUnlimited 100
ASP.NETASP.NET 1.0/2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5 ASP.NET 1.0/2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5
Full TrustYes No
Application PoolDedicatedDedicated

From the table comparison above, we can see that HostForLIFE windows hosting feature is more interesting that 1and1 windows hosting plan. HostForLIFE gives rich features and unlimited disk space. Besides, it utilizes the most advanced technologies in all plans, which may contribute a lot to the management of websites.

Windows Hosting Performance

HostForLIFE and 1and1 issue 99.9% uptime guarantee. Both of them have substantial strength in facilities and infrastructures. HostForLIFE has invested a lot on data centers and servers over these years, so as to ensure high performance and make customers satisfied. 1and1 has its own-managed data center, which is equipped with robust equipment and has complete monitoring and power supply system.

Based on our investigation on past several months, we have checked that HostForLIFE windows hosting has better performance than 1and1 Windows Hosting performance. HostForLIFE only take average 200 ms, but 1and1 takes almost 500 ms to load. We have collected the statistic below and you can see this statisctic for complete information.

Customers Service

HostForLIFE and 1and1 offer 24×7 customer service. But as mentioned above, 1and1 is a large company that has millions of different customers to deal with. Usually, customers cannot get timely responses because staffs are busy with dealing with other clients especially potential customers. Both of them don’t offer live chat. Based on user experience, HostForLIFE customer support is more responsive than 1and1. 1and1 has slow response time and it will impact for your business if you need fast reply.

Conclusion- HostForLIFE is the Winner

Undoubtedly, it is wise to choose HostForLIFE is the best windows hosting in europe. With the same cost, you can get more features and better service. More importantly, quality support and high-speed are two fateful factors that you cannot get on 1and1.


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