Deeply Comparison Between ASPHostPortal vs Bisend ASP.NET Hosting – Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

In this hosting review, we will compare both ASPHostPortal and Bisend ASP.NET hosting. Nowadays, there are many new ASP.NET hosting providers that make users have many choice, but beware you never know which one is the best for your ASP.NET site. We have tried so many hosting providers and we use many method to measure ASP.NET hosting quality based on their pricing, features, customer support, response time.

There are many cheap ASP.NET hosting providers, but you must be very careful to choose them. In this article, we will help you to select it. We will review both ASPHostPortal and Bisend ASP.NET hosting based on their price, features, performance, reputation, and customer service.

Quick Overview About Them!

ASPHostPortal founded in 2008, is a US-based company that that claims to be amongst the top 10 windows ASP.NET hosting service providers around the globe. They have run this business for several years and specialize in windows hosting platform.

Bisend is a new hosting provider that start in ASP.NET hosting business and maybe most of you never heard about them. They also offer various web hosting plan, from Linux and Windows ASP.NET hosting plan. Instead of hosting plan, they also offer domain registration, SSL certificates, Enterprise emails, Managed cloud hosting as well.

ASPHostPortal vs Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Pricing

ASPHostPortal has four shared basic ASP.NET hosting plans; Host Intro, Host One, Host Two, and Host Three. Host Intro the lowest packages comes with $0.99/month and this plan is suitable for small/starter sites. The second plan is Host One plan and this plan has comes with MSSQL and MySQL database. And you can also host unlimited websites in this plan. We really recommend you to start from this plan to host your ASP.NET site.

In other hand, Bisend has 3 shared ASP.NET hosting plan that you can choose. It starts from Standard, Pro, and Business plan. Standard plan start from $4.95/month, Pro plan from $7.95/month, and Business plan from $13.95/month.

If you compare side by side between their ASP.NET hosting plan, their offer same interesting. Then, who is more interesting? Let’s just take closely Host One and Standard plan.

Plan ComparisonHost OneBasic
Hosted SiteUnlimited1
Disk Space 5 GB50 GB
Bandwith 60 GB50 GB
Windows Server 2012/2016 2012/2016
ASP.NET Core 1.0Yes NO
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Control PanelPleskCustom
Full TrustYesYes
Isolated Application PoolYesNo
URL RewriteYesYes

If we see table above, both have their own strength and weakness. If you really have big data/files, then you can choose Bisend as they allow 50 GB space, but the question is “Are you really have this big files?”. Bisend also doesn’t give clearly about their database, their page only tell less information. From my experience, it will better to choose clearly hosting packages, so you don’t get shocked with the price in the future. Maybe they have many hidden cost.

ASPHostPortal vs Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Performance

ASPHostPortal utilizes more than 8 data centers, featuring redundant power, diesel backup generators and multiple fiber trunks, to make sure the maximum connectivity rates. Locating data centers in US, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore, Australia, India and newest Hongkong Data center, ASPHostPortal guarantees a high uptime of 99.99% by utilizing fully redundant power supply and backup generators. In addition, the company guarantees 24/7 maintenance for all facilities and keeps a high level of security by equipping HVAC temperature control systems.

Bisend in other hand only has 2 data centers only. Based on our monitoring report and reviews, sometimes Bisend server often goes down and receive massive complaints from user.


ASPHostPortal and A2Hosting issue 99.9% uptime guarantee. Both of them have substantial strength in facilities and infrastructures. ASPHostPortal has invested a lot on data centers and servers over these years, so as to ensure high performance and make customers satisfied. Bisend also equipped their data centers with robust equipment and has complete monitoring and power supply system.

By utilizing reliability-enhancing measures like backup generators, UPS systems, hacking protection and NOC monitoring, the two companies have been delivering good uptime averaging over 99.9% in the past year. The records of ASPHostPortal are shown in below.


Based on our investigation on past several months, we have checked that ASPHostPortal ASP.NET hosting has better performance than Bisend ASP.NET Hosting performance. ASPHostPortal only take average 200 ms, but Bisend takes almost 380 ms to load. We have collected the statistic below and you can see this statistic for complete information.

Both ASPHostPortal and Bisend use Plesk Control Panel

Once you have completed the signing up process, you get a control panel for site management. Through Plesk, users can control over the CMS’s installation, establishing domains, creating databases, Mails management and many other features.

Currently, both are providing a user friendly Plesk which is common in the industry. But ASPHostPortal made few changes and polish the panel like new icon and color schemes etc.

Money Back Guarantee?

It is the time period during which you can make a request to return back your funds. It happens when you did not satisfy with the company services and want your money back.

Both ASPHostPortal and Bisend offer 30 days money back guarantee. And if you purchased a monthly plan(less than a year) then will have only 48 hours for requesting the refund.

How is Their Customer Support?

No matter if you are an expert, you can’t say that you can handle all the issues. Technology changes day by day and new real-time issues arise by anytime. So, you will need an expert and knowledgeable support team to cope with serious issues.

ASPHostPortal provides instant help which you can ask for help anytime 24/7/365. As per our experience, their support team is quite fast, polite and respond within few minutes. Bisend is not so good from their response time, we have tried to reach their sales team and it takes 6 hours to reply one simple question. It will be very difficult if you have serious problem with your site.

Both of the providers maintained tons of guidelines. So at that time instead of waiting, visit the company help center, which is maintained on their official site. There you can search the issues and solutions. Moreover, both of them also offer community forum where you can post your issues.

Who is Better for ASP.NET Hosting?

If you ask about this question, then we would highly recommend ASPHostPortal than Bisend. Here are several reasons why we choose them as your ASP.NET hosting

  • Reputable ASP.NET hosting – ASPHostPortal more experience in this business. They have been in this business for more than a decade. Bisend is new hosting provider and doesnt have more experience.
  • Good server response time – Based on above explanation, we can see that ASPHostPortal server more reliable than Bisend. They load faster and stable.
  • Good customer support – ASPHostPortal is always available should you have any grievances.