6 Reasons Why You MUST Avoid Free Hosting Services – Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

Using a free web host for your blog is not a good idea for a number of reasons. I’ll be covering all you need to know about it in this article.

Plan to launch a blog? Want to avoid paying any money for web hosting? Good news! There are a few free web hosting options available to you.

Unfortunately, I also have some bad news: you shouldn’t decide to use a free web host for your blog.


Let me explain a few more things before going on to that.

Free Web Hosting

It refers to a free web hosting solution when your website is hosted on a web server for free.

Additionally, there are a number of warning signs if the web hosting company you are using makes the claim to offer free web hosting.

Choosing Reliable Hosting Provider is IMPORTANT!

To begin with, it is reasonable to consider the price of a hosting provider.

It would be preferable, though, if you looked past the cost. After all, the hosting company you select will have an impact on your website, the content, and the blog’s future.

Thus, I would argue that considering the hosting provider is crucial.

Considering the context of this article, you will not benefit at all from free web hosts. Let’s investigate why.

Cons of Using a Free Web Hosting Service

It is significant to remember that there are numerous options for free web hosting, such as:

  • A free WordPress.com website
  • Hosting a blog using Blogger
  • Hosting static pages with GitHub pages
  • Third-party free web hosting providers

The following justifications are all mainly relevant to independent web hosts.

1. Reliability

Free web hosting companies boast loudly about their availability and uptime. Most likely, you wouldn’t notice it at first.

However, as you use their service more and set up an uptime monitoring check, you’ll find that there is more downtime than you anticipated. If you want to monetize your blog, it might hurt your leads and conversions.

If readers cannot load your blog when they try to access it, they will become disinterested in visiting it even if you are not making any money.

The worry doesn’t end there; one day you might discover that your website has vanished from the internet. Regretfully, your hosting provider won’t offer any reliable backup options for you to restore it.

2. Performance

Performance is always that one important thing that free hosting providers forget to offer.

The user experience improves with a faster website. Additionally, you should anticipate increased reader interaction to drive leads or encourage social media shares of your blog.

If it takes too long for your website to load, users will leave in search of another resource and eventually stop coming to your blog.

Given that there is no cost for resources, free web hosts take shortcuts. All things considered, the servers are not optimized and cannot support any contemporary website with multiple dynamic elements.

Even though using a free web host has a clear performance impact, you should test the functionality of your website to be sure.

3. Security

More than ever, website security is crucial due to the increase in cyberattacks.

Regretfully, a free web host might not even offer the most basic account security features, like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

If you choose the most basic security settings, the server stack won’t be actively maintained to provide you with the safest possible environment for your website. Thus, it doesn’t improve the situation.

For example, the server might wind up running an outdated version of PHP forever.

In either scenario, they might not even check to see if the web servers have been compromised by performing security audits on their back end.

Any security breach, regardless of whether your website handles sensitive data, will result in some kind of disruption for your blog. So, every blog should have a secure web server.

4. Hidden Charges

After you begin using their web server, some free services frequently impose resource usage restrictions and demand payment to remove them.

It is only right that they bill for the services rendered, but in these situations, they don’t tell you up front about any additional fees. You are tricked into believing that the service is totally free.

5. Privacy

You may occasionally upload files or other resources to your web server (which may or may not be connected to your website).

When you pay for a good web host, they typically don’t access your content unless it’s necessary for them to troubleshoot an issue. They also have a strong access control system that enables the business to hold workers accountable for the information they access and the reasons behind it.

Any employee can access, modify, delete, or access your file whenever they want when using a free web host. These businesses don’t implement appropriate policies to stop this from occurring. Therefore, you shouldn’t anticipate total privacy for any of your data stored on free web servers.

6. Lack of Support

Any hosting service may experience incidents. Nonetheless, having fast customer service and the capacity for speedy resolutions are essential.

You will be stuck waiting for a response from them or for them to fix the problem if something goes wrong with your free web host. Some services don’t even provide a means of customer support. Therefore, you are unable to contact them at all.

Ways to Avoid the Drawbacks?

You can choose affordable web hosting options to get around the drawbacks of a free web host. Compared to any free hosting option, you will be able to accomplish much more with your website for a small investment.

We advise choosing reasonably priced web hosts who meet industry standards for dependability and reputation.

Among our suggestions are the following:

1. ASPHostPortal

One of the most reasonably priced hosting companies is ASPHostPortal, with monthly prices as low as $1.00/month.

ASPHostPortal can be a wise choice if you’re looking for everything you need along with excellent customer service.

2. HostForLIFE.eu

HostForLIFE.eu is a great option for all kinds of websites. HostForLIFE.eu has you covered whether your website requires a dedicated server in the future or only minimal resources now.

Although it is slightly more expensive than ASPHostPortal, it provides more hosting options if you need to grow. Additionally, you have the option to purchase a subscription for one or six months thanks to the flexible billing plans.

3. WindowsASPNETHosting.in

WindowsASPNETHosting.in is a well-liked suggestion with a variety of hosting options. You can choose from options suitable for both popular websites and novices, ranging from shared hosting to dedicated servers.

WindowsASPNETHostingTheir goal is to offer servers with great power at a reasonable cost. You might think about trying them out.

A Reputable Web Host Helps You Develop Your Website and Saves Time

You probably started with a free web host for a reason or two. Regretfully, you will wind up wasting valuable time dealing with the consequences.

To gain total control over your website, you should save up a little money and purchase shared hosting from any of the top companies.