Godaddy vs ASPHostPortal 2023: Which One is The Best for ASP.NET Hosting? – Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

This post provides a comparison of Godaddy vs ASPHostPortal that goes into further information about each platform.

Overview Godaddy vs ASPHostPortal ASP.NET Hosting

Godaddy Overview

GoDaddy began as a domain registrar, making it one of the most well-known web hosts. It is now conceivably a complete website builder. You can receive everything you need to launch a small business website or online store, including a domain name, web hosting, and a website builder. GoDaddy provides hosting services for shared, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated websites.

Godaddy provide wide variety of hosting services, they provide both Windows and Linux hosting services, it means that you can host ASP.NET website with them.

Since its founding in 1997, Godaddy has developed a variety of Windows hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS, and reseller hosting plans with ASP.NET, PHP, ASP hosting, MySQL & MSSQL hosting, and email hosting. Additionally, customers can buy SSL certificates and domain names here.

ASPHostPortal Overview

Since its founding in 2008, ASPHostPortal has offered customers the most convenient, high-performance Windows hosting services since it understands how important it is for portal owners to select the best hosting company. ASPHostPortal qualified ASP.NET hosting gains widespread favor from its industrial clients by consistently integrating the most recent ASP.NET compliant and PHP-friendly technology into applications.

Every ASPHostPortal product has a one-click installation option that makes it simple to install popular apps with built-in functionality. Applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, nopCommerce, BlogEngine, Umbraco, and DotNetNuke are built on their platform using ASP.NET and PHP. Your favourite ASP.NET or PHP framework can be downloaded in order to move your website to ASPHostPortal.

ASP.NET Hosting Features

Godaddy Features

The GoDaddy Windows hosting plan comes with a ton of features. GoDaddy has three major options, each of which includes a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, and a year’s worth of free Office 365 email. But the technical specifications do differ.

The cheapest subscription includes 10 MySQL databases with 1GB of storage each. It rises to an infinite number with the most expensive plan. The MSSQL database plan, which is the most affordable, includes 200Mb storage for each user and can later be increased to an unlimited amount.

With GoDaddy, the most expensive plan is the only one that includes a free SSL certificate, and even that is only good for a year. Following that, you will need to arrange extra measures on your own to secure your SSL. In contrast, other ASP.Net hosting companies include free SSL with each of their services.

  • GoDaddy use latest Windows Server, a dated yet dependable operating system.
  • DDOs defense and round-the-clock security surveillance
  • Simple administration with Plesk control
  • ASP.NET MVC3, AJAX, classic ASP, CGI, and NET core are supported.
  • The capabilities demonstrate that GoDaddy’s ASP.NET hosting is well-equipped and suitable for personal use.

ASPHostPortal Features

All ASPHostPortal and Godaddy specialists specialize in Windows network applications. ASPHostPortal, in contrast, places a more emphasis on shared ASP.NET hosting than does Godaddy, which also offers shared Windows, VPS, and Windows Reseller hosting. Only their shared Windows hosting is used to compare the functionality according to their Windows hosting aspect and price tables.

ASPHostPortal offers ASP.NET hosting packages at three different levels: Host Intro, Host One, Host Two, and Host Three.

The Host Intro is for those only looking to host 1 website (1 domain) and don’t need more than 1 GB of storage.

The Host One comes with the same specs and features as the Host Intro, but you’ll be able to host unlimited sites and have 5 GB of storage. It also comes with free SSL certificates now and you can also host your MSSQL or MySQL databases.

If you need a higher performance (e.g. 2 CPUs and 1.5 GB of memory) you can purchase the Host Two or Host Three plan. It also comes with free SSL certificate for all your sites, unlimited sites and 50 GB of storage are allowed.

Additionally, ASPHostPortal has access to the SQL administration studio, where it may manage free, unrestricted MySQL databases, latest ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET 5, ASP.NET 4.6/4.5.2, FastCGI, HTTP Streaming, and other technologies.

ASP.NET Hosting Performance

ASPHostPortal More Reliable than Godaddy

Overall, you can trust ASPHostPortal than Godaddy when it comes to server performance. From our testing, ASPHostPortal speed is faster than Godaddy and I can’t find any downtime when host my ASP.NET site with them.

SSD storage is present across ASPHostPortal, but GoDaddy offers it in its managed WordPress and VPS services. The infrastructure of ASPHostPortal s probably going to make your website perform better if your databases are holding a lot of data.

ASPHostPortal has many data centers that you can choose than Godaddy, which can be a good option if your target market is Asia or Australia. While ASPHostPortal has data centers across the world, US, Europe, South America, Asia, and also Australia. GoDaddy has three leased data centers in the US.

Comparatively speaking to GoDaddy’s 2012 R2, ASPHostPortal runs on a more recent version of Windows Server. Since you can easily install the same free version of Cloudflare that you receive with ASPHostPortal, I wouldn’t worry too much about not getting a CDN on your dashboard with GoDaddy.

A service-level agreement (SLA) supporting a 99.9% uptime guarantee is in place between GoDaddy and ASPHostPortal. You may be qualified for a 5% refund of your monthly fees if your GoDaddy uptime is even 0.1% below the required level. Please take note that maintenance downtimes are not subject to the policy.

ASPHostPortal, on the other hand, guarantees to credit customers’ accounts with 1 full month of hosting credit for each hour of downtime. To be clear, the incentive is only valid if you request a billing ticket within five days after the incident.

ASP.NET Hosting Support

Users can use a support platform from ASPHostPortal. Customers can ask for advice by visiting the service portal. Additionally, ASPHostPortal offers ticket support, and its professionals promise a 24-hour response. A knowledge center and public discussion boards can offer clients a wealth of useful guidance and information.

Customers can quickly contact the support staff at Godaddy through the 24-hour live communication tool that is offered. Additionally, a knowledge base is created, and clients can get the specific details they require from this.

Customer Testimonials

Godaddy Review

ASPHostPortal Review

From above reviews, we know that ASPHostPortal far better than Godaddy. Godaddy receive a lot of negative reviews everyday, it is highly recommended for you to think twice if you want to use their service.

Conclusion – ASPHostPortal Better than Godaddy

We think the two businesses did a great job of making their ASPHostPortal web hosting welcoming when attempting to compare the ASP.NET hosting solutions of the two firms. They offer services at competitive pricing and sell a variety of ASP.NET Hosting features.

For performance, each has the same standard performance assurances. A new approach to contact customer service is made available through ASPHostPortal. After taking all of them into account, we think that both companies make good first-time ASP.NET hosting service providers, but ASPHostPortal has more capability and great features and speed that encourages users to stick around.