How to Choose Reliable ASP.NET Hosting Services? – Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

Now, Microsoft technologies become very popular. More people like using ASP.NET to create their site. For the implication, there are many new ASP.NET hosting providers that play in this business too and as customer, we must be observant to find reliable ASP.NET hosting providers.

With this big opportunity, many hosting providers race to launch various ASP.NET version to catch their customers. However, some of them may not be able to offer high quality services because their lack features, performance, customer support, and other factors. In this case, we will help you to find reliable ASP.NET hosting providers. Please read this tips for further information.


How long They are in This Business?

Before opening new account with hosting providers, you need to have an all-sided understanding about your hosting provider. The best way to get an idea of a company is to search a large amount of related information on the Internet. Providers like ASPHostPortal concentrating on ASP.NET hosting services and they have great knowledgeable in ASP.NET. This company has run their business for more than 8 years. This is good advantage to choose them as your ASP.NET hosting provider.

How is the Price?

Please just be careful with cheap price. Please do not trust with cheap price or the hosting providers that offer FREE services. Just imagine, how can they survive if they provide free services to you? Windows require license and it is really costly. It is not same with Linux that offer free license because Linux is open source. The second thing is, how can they pay their salaries if they provide you free services?

Just beware with free hosting services. There is hosting provider that provide you free services when you registered their hosting plan. But, when you registered their hosting plan, you will find that the hosting package lacks many needed features which are probably priced much higher than the hosting plan.

Support the latest ASP.NET Features?

Good hosting provider will follow the up to date ASP.NET version. Like ASPHostPortal that always keep up to date their technology. All their hosting plan include the latest ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, IIS, Windows Server, MSSQL version. A good ASP.NET hosting providers also support for Full Trust. Then, you need to check the amount of disk space and bandwith that allocate on their hosting plan.

Another important thing is the Control Panel feature. Basically, ASP.NET hosting providers use Plesk Panel. With Plesk panel, you can easily develop and manage your site easily. And you can also more than 200 applications automatically via Plesk control panel. The applications such as wordpress, joomla, blogengine, umbraco, nopcommerce, etc can be installed easily.

The third thing is please check whether your site is running via dedicated application pool. With application pool, your site can run more stable.

How is the Performance?

The frequent downtime has a bad influence on website reliability. Visitors are disgusted with the sites that suffer downtime frequently. Thus, you need to choose a qualified hosting provider that guarantees at least 99.9% uptime by using top-level data centers along with cutting-edge technologies. Besides, you need attach great importance to page loading speed and select a web host coming with high-performance hardware and robust web servers.

Do They Provide Money Back Guarantee?

We believe that almost big ASP.NET hosting providers provide money back guarantee. So, if you don’t satisfy with their services, you can cancel it anytime. Basically, most hosting providers provide 30 days money back guarantee. We believe it is enough for you to try their hosting services.

How is Their Technical Support?

Technical support is important for you when any problem happens to the website. The fastest ways to contact the support staffs are live chat and phone call, which are suitable for people who have some urgent issues. And also, email is an effective method to get a solution from the support team. For the issues may happen in any time, the technical support should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition, if you want to resolve issues independently, you should choose a company with rich knowledgebase. As for this aspect, ASPHostPortal does a very good job. They have provided customers clearly information about using their hosting services.


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