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Most hosting providers support this Let’s Encrypt SSL now. But, some users also experience issue when installed this Let’s Encrypt. Since, I’m using Plesk control panel so I will explain how to install it on Plesk control panel.

Let’s Encrypt uses HTTP validation to confirm you actually own, or at least have access to your website. Since you’re installing Let’s Encrypt using Plesk, this validation is able to be done automatically for you, however it also means that your site must be live (DNS updated and working) prior to enabling Let’s Encrypt.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you point your website to your server IP to activate Let’s Encrypt, if you don’t point your domain to correct IP address, then your installation will fail. There is no way around this: the website must be live on the same server where you’re installing the certificate.

In this case, I’m using ASP.NET shared hosting plan at ASPHostPortal and they have support this feature on their Plesk control panel.

Installing Let’s Encrypt on Plesk Control Panel

To install a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on your domain, follow these steps:

1. Login to Your Plesk Control Panel

2. Find Websites & Domains button:

3. Find SSL/TLS Certificates, then you’ll see Let’s Encrypt button

4. Click ‘Get it free‘ and you will see this page:

5. Fill correct email address in text box

6. Select the Include as an alternative domain name check box if you want the SSL certificate to protect your domain with and without the www prefix.

7. Click Install. If installation complete, you will receive message “Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate was successfully installed on

If installation fails, make sure that your domain name is valid and as explained above, you need to make sure that you have pointed your domain/website to correct IP address.

8. Click Hosting Settings

9. Under Security, confirm the SSL support check box is selected, and the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is selected in the Certificate list box.

10. Done! You have installed your Let’s Encrypt successfully!

How to Renew Your Let’s Encrypt Certificate

By default, Plesk will automaticall renew your Let’s Encrypt, with no action necessary on your part. If a renewal attempt fails for any reason, you have sufficient time to troubleshoot the problem before the certificate expires.

If there is issue or maybe you need to renew your Let’s Encrypt manually, then follow this steps:

1. Login to Your Plesk Control panel

2. Click Websites & Domains like above

3. Find Let’s Encrypt button as above

4. Click Renew


I hope article above help you to install your Let’s Encrypt on Plesk control panel and some of users might encounter issue when installing Let’s Encrypt or fail to renew this SSL. You might contact your customer support directly to find solution.

At ASPHostPortal, their support team will help you in Let’s Encrypt installation. In case you are looking for ASP.NET Hosting that comes with FREE SSL Certificate, then I’d recommend them.