How to Publish ASP.NET 5 on ASPHostPortal Hosting - Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and ComparisonWindows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

You’re developing an awesome ASP.NET 5 web app and need to give it a home on the internet. If you expect your app to experience light or medium traffic, you can use an inexpensive shared Windows Server, IIS hosting provider like ASPHostPortal.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to publish newest ASP.NET 5 on ASPHostPortal hosting server.

Steps to Publish ASP.NET 5 on ASPHostPortal

These are the steps we’ll follow to publish an ASP.NET 5 web app:

1. Register an Account on ASPHostPortal

First thing you need to is, you need to register your account first at ASPHostPortal. You can select their Host One plan so you can test to deploy ASP.NET 5 using database.

ASPHostPortal ASP.NET Hosting

Once you have registered your hosting account, you will receive an activation email. The activation email will give you information about how to login to your control panel, create FTP account, database, email, etc.

2. Login to your Plesk Control Panel

When you logged in to your Plesk Control panel, you can see your account information. Plesk is one of the best control panel and it is fully integrated. You can easily create database, email account, FTP. There are many ways to publish your ASP.NET 5, you can use FTP tools or WebDeploy option. In this tutorial, we will use WebDeploy feature.

Click WebDeploy Publishing settings and you will get your settings.

If you have your database, you can also create your database via your Plesk control panel. Here is database name info and you can easily remember it:

Database Name: YourUsername_DatabaseName
Database Server: ASPHOST878\SQL2019
Connection String: “Data Source=ASPHOST878\SQL2019;Initial Catalog=YourUsername_DatabaseName;User Id=YourUsername_Database User;Password=YOUR_DB_PASSWORD;”

3. Prepare Your Web Application

Open your Visual Studio, click on Build -> Publish

As mentioned earlier, we will be using WebDeploy. Click on IIS, FTP, etc and hit Create Profile.

In the new dialog, set the publish method as WebDeploy. Fill in the form with the details we copied earlier. The password will be the same as your ASPHostPortal Hosting password.

Once you have entered in all the details, click on Validate Connection to verify that you are able to connect to the remote server. After you are validated, click next.

Please just kindly use the settings that you get from your Plesk control panel.

Press the Next button to get to the second screen.

On the second screen, accept default values:

  • Configuration: Release
  • Deployment Mode: Framework-Dependent Note: you can choose ‘Self-Contained’ if the core version is still not installed to the server.
  • Target Runtime: Portable

Use the Publish button to publish the site to your account Once you have created a profile you can reuse it every time that you publish by simply running the Publish command.Observer the Output window in VS to see if the publication worked properly.


In this article, we learn how to publish ASP.NET 5 hosting on ASPHostPortal. It is easy and just few clicks to publish your ASP.NET 5 application. If you think that you learned something new from this article, do not forget to share this within your developer community. Happy Coding!