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INSANE! Lose Their Customers due to Ransomware Attack

It seems that ransom is big concern now due to the many big providers affected by this attack. Previously, providers like A2 and SmarterASP were under attack as well. Now the newest is where on 16 November 2020, they were hit by this attack which overwhelmed them and had forced them to shut down their website.

This attack occurred on November 16, 2020, which made all customer files encrypted. However, according to information from, this attack only impacted a limited of customer websites.

But hours after the attack, said it also took down its entire web hosting infrastructure, which the company is now working to restore.

Almost all websites such as WordPress and Dotnetnuke, email servers, DNS servers, FTP, databases are affected by this attack.

The company says it is now working with law enforcement to identify the attackers and restore customer systems as soon as possible. is trying to recover all customer files. However, in various online forums, their customers are afraid that an incident like this will happen again, as experienced by SmarterASP and A2 hosting. Their customers are now waiting for files to be restored. now joins a long list of ransomware incidents that have impacted web hosting and data center providers. The list also includes Equinix, CyrusOne, Cognizant, X-Cart, A2 Hosting, SmarterASP.NET,, and Internet Nayana.