Solution to Host ASP.NET Core 2 Hosting – UKWindowsHostASP.NET – Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

Are you looking for the best technology, features, fast servers and solid security for your ASP.NET 2 Core site?

If yes, then you can trust UKWindowsASP.NET as your ASP.NET Core 2 hosting provider. They have been in the hosting business for a decade now and can cater to most of your web hosting requirements and offer excellent customer service. UKWindowsHostASP.NET is quite popular for offering premium services in UK.

We’ll take a look at the features offered by UKWindowsHostASP.NET in this review, as well as their ASP.NET Core 2 hosting plans and the advantages and disadvantages of choosing them.

UKWindowsHostASP.NET Premium ASP.NET Core 2 Hosting

  • Free Domain Name – There’s not many hosting companies that give away free domain names with their shared hosting, so it’s really good that UKWindowsHostASP.NET do this as well as providing the user with high quality hosting to boot!
  • Automated Installation – With UKWindowsHostASP.NET hosting, you can easily install more than 50+ favorite CMS application via their control panel.
  • No Hidden Fees – UKWindowsHostASP.NET has disclosed all the fee on their site, so customer don’t worry about the charge. Everything have been disclosed clearly!
  • World Class Control Panel – UKWindowsHostASP.NET uses Plesk Panel which is extremely easy to use.

UKWindowsASP.NET has Best ASP.NET Core 2 Hosting Plan for You!

If you are planning to go with UKWindowsHostASP.NET for your ASP.NET Core 2 hosting needs, then you would have to choose from one of their 4 subscription plans. Each plan includes their core features, such as 99.9% uptime, 24/7 tech support, one-click app installation, and much, much more!

The Starter plan of UKWindowsHostASP.NET allows for 1 GB of disk space with 20 GB of monthly bandwidth/data transfer and unlimited subdomains. Other features include 1 MySQL DB with 100 MB, unlimited email boxes, 500 MB of email storage and 100 MB of allocated site memory. The pricing of this plan is as follows:

  • £3.00 a month for a 1 year plan
  • £4.00 a month for a 6 month plan

Businesses looking for ASP.NET Core 2 hosting can take advantage of the Economy plan from this company as it offers the same features as the Starter plan, but with significant additions. It allows for 5 GB disk space, 50 GB bandwidth/data transfer and unlimited subdomains. They also included 1 MSSQL with 200 MB MSSQL database, 2 MySQL databases with 200 MB/db, unlimited email boxes, 500 MB of email storage and 250 MB of site memory allocation. This plan costs:

  • £5.50 a month for a 1 year plan
  • £7.00 a month for a 6 months plan

The third plan named Developer plan offered by this company and comes with 20 GB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth/data transfer and unlimited subdomains. There is also 2 MSSQL database with 500 MB each database, 5 MySQL databases with 500 MB each databases, unlimited email boxes, 1 GB of email storage and 400 MB of site memory allocation. Pricing for the Ultimate plan is:

  • £9.00 a month for a 1 year plan
  • £11.00 a month for a 6 months plan

The most premium plan offered by this company is the Enterprise plan and comes with unlimited disk space, bandwidth/data transfer and subdomains. There is also 1GBs of SQL database hosting disk space, 5 MS SQL databases, unlimited email boxes, 1 GBs of email storage and 500 MB of site memory allocation. Pricing for the Ultimate plan is:

  • £17.00 a month for a 1 year plan
  • £20.00 a month for a 6 months plan

If you need a more in-depth look, you can also check out the UKWindowsHostASP.NET website for a more complete breakdown of the features of each subscription plan or contact the company to get expert advice. Each subscription also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so you can subscribe and still get a refund of your hosting fees should things not pan out.

Performance – Speed and Uptime UKWindowsHostASP.NET

UKWindowsHostASP.NET Guarantee 99.99% Uptime!

UKWindowsHostASP.NET has utilized a data center near to its office so that its engineers can check servers anytime. The data center is designed with redundancy as well. Take a look at the power supply. Electricity from power grids, UPS battery backup power and backup generators make up of power systems of the data center.

What’s more, UKWindowsHostASP.NET deploys Dell servers that are leading in the industry. The servers are set with 64 bit software, 16 GB RAM, dual quad cores, and RAID 10 disk arrays. Besides high server configuration, UKWindowsHostASP.NET hosts its services on separate servers, such as websites on a server and databases on another server. This makes for security and reliability. The company also runs a 24/7 server monitoring system to maintain reliability.

UKWindowsHostASP.NET offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, which means a very negligible down time. They are able to achieve this with the help of their custom server monitoring software.

This software monitors the status of every server in real-time and also minimize downtime by automatically resolving more than 90% of the server performance issues that come up, without human interaction.

Testing Their Page Speed Test

Now that we have discussed UKWindowsHostASP.NET’s performance in theory, it’s time to put it to the test in practice. In the next part of this UKWindowsHostASP.NET review for ASP.NET Core 2 we’ll be using speed testing tools Load Impact to judge how well UKWindowsHostASP.NET stands up.

For this test, we ran our sandbox website through Pingdom three times for each of three different server locations. After tallying them up, the average times for each server were:

  • Melbourne: 1.263 seconds
  • New York: 0.945 seconds
  • Stockholm: 0.590 seconds

The result is almost the same with LoadImpact result. With above details, we know that their server speed is really fast and consistent. Their site only take 1 second to load. If you are serious in online business, we highly recommend you to choose them to host your ASP.NET Core 2 site.

UKWindowsHostASP.NET Customer Support

One of the most critical factors that should influence your decision to opt for a ASP.NET Core 2 hosting provider is the kind of customer service they offer. As a ASP.NET developer or business owner, 24/7, excellent customer support is necessary because you never know when you might encounter some issue that needs immediate resolution.

This is exactly where UKWindowsHostASP.NET scores heavily with a support team of highly talented technical professionals. You not only get a quick response, but they can easily handle any kind of issues with your hosting account or website.

Their support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. They lend a personalized touch through the support personnel that you discuss the issue with. You can view the support person’s profile, technical background, areas of expertise and interests along with years of experience.

The comprehensive self-help tutorials and knowledge base, along with UKWindowsHostASP.NET webinars provide you access to a vast pool of information and troubleshooting guides.

The Final Verdict

The amount of features on offer by UKWindowsHostASP.NET may make you think that they are great value for money. However, a closer look shows that this ASP.NET Core 2 hosting provider is great for individual webmasters and small businesses whose sites are more prone to security attacks.

UKWindowsHostASP.NET holds your hand and makes hosting and server maintenance a seamless activity to help you out though. If you don’t care about unlimited bandwidth or data storage, then, UKWindowsHostASP.NET is definitely worth a try!

Have you used UKWindowsHostASP.NET ASP.NET Core 2 hosting services? What were their best features and major disadvantages as per your experience? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!