Things You Need to Check Before Register with Reseller Web Hosting - Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and ComparisonWindows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

It can be really tough for a webmaster to choose the right kind of reseller web hosting plan for his upcoming website. Sometimes, they don’t get the quality of service desired even by paying huge amounts of money. With the use of internet rising in past two decades, every individual now feels the need to host a business website. This has ultimately resulted in the increase of web development and hosting companies. Today, every person can afford a good web host service at cheap rates. For people, who are not able to contact big hosting companies, Reseller web hosting has become a boon. It is very affordable.

It is the latest trend in the host market. Inside the reseller hosting, an individual sells a part or his entire hosting space to single/multiple customers under his name or brand in lesser price as compared to the market rates. The main hosting provider doesn’t come in the whole picture. Small and medium scale-industries generally use this hosting and sell their purchased hosting to website owners for making good sum of money. Reseller hosting is fruitful only if you choose the right brand. Here are five important factors that you must look for before signing-up for an affordable Reseller web hosting:

Server requirement

The size of your website, whether it is small or big determines the kind of server and hosting plan it requires. For small scale websites, affordable reseller web hosting is very appropriate. However, websites involving heavy traffic might require large reseller web hosting plans.

Cost factor

Money becomes an important deciding factor when you are seeking for the best web host plan. Future upgrading, long-term reliability and transition downtime all these affect the price of a web hosting plan. The better feature you desire out of your plan, the more you are entitled to pay.


Determining the kind of web server platform being used by the provider is very essential. A web server runs on either UNIX/Linux or Windows OS. You must opt for the Linux based server if the client is using open source technologies such as PERL, PHP or Python.

Features offered

Disk space; bandwidth limit, databases, sub-domains support, backups, e-mail/FTP accounts, server uptime records and extent of scalability (scope of up-gradation) are some of the prime features every webmaster looks for.


Do not delay in saying yes to a reseller host service if its offering you 24-hour technical as well as domain related assistance. Most of the webmasters keep this factor on first in their priority list. Choose a provider that has good customer support and responds to queries/requests immediately.


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