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If you’ve been around the world of blogging or are simply familiar with the most popular content management system (CMS); you really don’t need an introduction to WordPress. For those who are a little lost; WordPress is a content management system that makes web publishing seamless, regardless of what you are trying to showcase online. WordPress is a free CMS solution that has been around for several years and is currently being used by millions of people across the globe. WordPress started as an open source blogging platform, but today, it is being used by web developers and designers to build small business and corporate websites.


There are two ways you can begin using WordPress for your own website. The first way is to simply use the WordPress blogging platform on the official WordPress.com site. If you choose this option, you won’t need your own hosting service, as it will be covered by WordPress. The second option is to download the WordPress software and install it on your own hosting account (often referred to as self-hosted WordPress). There are several benefits of installing WordPress on a web hosting account, rather than choosing to sign up at WordPress.com for a blog.

By installing WordPress on your hosting account; you will have full control over the physical appearance and technical aspects of your website. Rather than having your WordPress blog look like every other blog on the Internet; you will be able to completely change the look of the site. The ability to install any template or plug-in to your WordPress site is a major benefit as well. Instead of installing stand-alone scripts to work with static web pages, you can seamlessly install plug-ins to extend the functionality of your WordPress website. Small and medium sized businesses have started using WordPress on their own hosting account; which has brought their website design costs down to a minimum.

Installing WordPress on your hosting account is very simple and requires little to no prior website hosting experience. Many of the major hosting companies in the industry now offer one click installation platforms, which simplifies the whole WordPress installation process. With one-click installation software such as Softaculous or Fantastico, you will be able to install WordPress in a few minutes or less. Once your WordPress site is up, you will have a plethora of ways to customize your website to your liking, which is something you will not be able to do with WordPress.com. Once your website is up and running; you will be able to create backups of your site at anytime.

The other great benefit in installing WordPress on a web hosting account is that you will be able to move your website to another hosting provider very easily. Simply install a backup plug-in to download a copy of your WordPress site and install WordPress on the second hosting account. Now, upload the backup to the new host along with the database and you are set. People who have used WordPress on their own hosting account have also benefited from the power SEO friendly features that the CMS comes with. Self-hosting WordPress on your own hosting account is a great option for those looking for a quick and easy way to create a customizable website on a powerful CMS.


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