4 Reasons to Move Your ASP.NET Website from Godaddy to ASPHostPortal – Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2023 | Review and Comparison

You may not assume that migrating from GoDaddy to ASPHostPortal is manageable. GoDaddy is a respectable web host for start-ups and small companies that want a cheap and straightforward internet presence, but like most things made for start-up companies, it is simple to outgrow.

As a developer who has worked with a variety of different clients, I’ve seen time and time again the ways that GoDaddy fails to bring value to a business.

Plus, they’re a pretty unethical company. But I’ll get to that at the end.

So let’s begin. Here are my 4 reasons why you should avoid GoDaddy… at all costs.

1. Godaddy not worth for money

GoDaddy lures customers in with prices that look low.

However, they often promote prices that only apply for the first year, then lock you in for more expensive renewal prices.

GoDaddy also charges for items that in the modern tech world, you don’t need to pay for.

As we may know that Godaddy doesn’t offer SSL for free, but ASPHostPortal does support Let’s Encrypt and you can install directly via their control panel.

Price Comparison: To test this point, I decided to compare the price difference for their hosting plan.

Here’s what I found.

GoDaddy ($122.82/year)

  • $23.95/year for Domain Renewal
  • $14.99/year for WhoIs Privacy
  • $83.88/year ($6.99/month) for Economy plan (very sneaky, hidden upsell). Please be remembered that you only get free SSL for 1 year, only free email for 1 year, and then the price will increase each year.

ASPHostPortal ($83.23/year)

  • $13.99/year for Domain Renewal
  • $0/year for WhoIs Privacy
  • $69.24/year for Host One plan (no sneaky hidden upsell). This plan already comes with FREE SSL, unlimited email accounts, more disk space, bandwidth, and more MSSQL space.
ASPHostPortal ASP.NET Hosting

You see the difference? Next time you’re looking for a ASP.NET hosting, try the comparison yourself.

In this example, GoDaddy was a whopping 50% more expensive than ASPHostPortal. Ridiculous.

GoDaddy makes people think that their hosting plan are cheap, but in reality their more expensive and full of sneaky, automatic opt-in upsells.

2. GoDaddy has Less Control

GoDaddy’s server back end is difficult to use and limited in functionality. 

Which basically means that as a developer, it takes me more time (which often means more expensive for clients) to complete tasks.

If I want to deliver results for my client, I need the flexibility and ease of use that an industry standard admin interface, like cPanel, provides.

Unfortunately, GoDaddy gives users a proprietary admin interface that is more interested in selling you more GoDaddy products than in giving you the tools you need.

With ASPHostPortal, you have more flexibility and they support Full Trust permission. It means that each applications that require Full Trust, it will work on ASPHostPortal hosting services. On other hand, Godaddy only gives Medium permission.

3. Godaddy Hosting is SLOW

This sadly is a common thing with Godaddy, some downtime is due to overloading on poorly managed servers. This results in your website being unavailable to your customers.

Then there is the downtime through changes on their side. This could be them rebooting servers, moving data from one server to another as well as infrastructure changes.

Godaddy Uptime

Now Godaddy claim on their sales page that they offer a Guaranteed 99.9% uptime. This from my experience is simply not true. I have had websites go down for a for a whole day with no explanation except ‘we are aware of the issue’. This has happened on multiple occasions on certain years. Even one day of the year alone means that the 99.9% uptime promise is simply not true.

If you compare it with ASPHostPortal, they are completely different. With ASPHostPortal, loading time 3 times faster than Godaddy. If you are serious with your ASP.NET hosting website, you must pick ASPHostPortal as your hosting provider.

Here are several facts that ASPHostPortal server faster than Godaddy:

4. Godaddy Support is Terrible

You might already know this, but it’s fairly easy to outsource customer support to companies/services who will (I assume) read from a script or refer to a FAQ page to handle your website chat inquiries. I can often tell when I’m talking to one of these people, because they will have no comprehension of the actual topic. That’s what every GoDaddy chat felt like.

I’ve also made phone calls on behalf of clients in the past, and I remember one conversation where my client had said they told them to upgrade to a certain hosting plan because it was “faster.” When I repeated this to support, the guy I was speaking with scoffed at that and was like, they said what? Yeah, no, that’s not true. That’s been typical of my experience. Also see my above complaints after 3 chat sessions.

There are many negative reviews about their hosting services, you can check it on Trustpilot, Hostadvice, and others. I will show some facts about their hosting services:

If you compare it with ASPHostPortal, it is very different. ASPHostPortal offers 24 hours support where their support team will always answer your email within 10 minutes. I have tried several times to contact the ASPHostPortal support team and the fact is that they will answer your email within that time.

Easily, you can immediately see online reviews of ASPHostPortal and you can conclude that you can really rely on ASPHostPortal support.

Final Advice

Real advice real quick: if you have your domain name registered at GoDaddy, you’re probably fine as long as you make sure they aren’t adding any weird charges. If you want to leave, you can buy a domain transfer at ASPHostPortal , unlock your domain at GoDaddy, verify and move it. Pretty straightforward. If you are really serious about your website, avoid Godaddy and move all your site to ASPHostPortal.