Advantages and Disadvantages Using Shared Hosting – Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

There are a lot of various types of web site hosting. They can be classified by different indexes.

There is Paid and Free web hosting; Linux/Unix-based and Windows-based (and other but they are no that popular); shared, dedicated and VPS. Every hosting type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The key aim of this article is to acquaint you with main merits and drawbacks of shared hosting.

First of all we must give a definition of the term “shared hosting”. So, what is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is such kind of providing space for web sites on the hoster’s server when you share this server with other customers’ web sites. All web sites use the same software and operating system. But unlike free web hosting which has the same conditions, with shared web hosting you have much more benefits.

Shared web hosting can be divided into two subtypes:

Free Shared Hosting is the best choice for trying some new ideas and not paying for hosting. This type of web site hosting provides you with everything necessary for floating your site. Of course you should not expect the best conditions for your site. Bandwidth and Disk Space is limited. This type of shared hosting may not ensure you with MySQL, PHP support. Web statistics is also poorly provided

Paid Shared Hosting provides such necessary features, as multiply e-mail, MySQL, PHP are supported. You may use it if you want to host small business web site, intermediate or large professional site but don’t need the whole server’s space. Using shared hosting you get a good possibility to host your site on a powerful, well administrated server at a low monthly cost.

Shared hosting is in first-time webmasters’ great demand, ’cause it can provide reliable web presence without having special technical skills.

So now we can pick out pros and cons of shared hosting:


  • Low cost
  • Good server administration
  • Multiply e-mail, MySQL, PHP support
  • You don’t need some unique knowledge in web site and server administration


  • Low security level
  • Resource limitation -everybody uses the same memory, CPU and Harddrive.
  • You can use only the software which is provided with your hosting company, and correspondingly you can’t install your own.
  • Some available ports and connections can be limited because of security policy.

The main feature of shared hosting is that you don’t need to worry about about possible server problems. Your hosting company’s support service is to fix all troubles. So, when choosing shared hosting you must carefully look at company support’s quality, the better quality of support – the better conditions for your site.

With shared hosting you can also place several sites in the neighbour parts of the server.

Now when you are acquainted with all special features of shared hosting you can decide whether this type of hosting is appropriate to your needs and requirements.


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