ASPHostPortal’s Cost-Effective ASP.NET Hosting – Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

ASPHostPortal is a reasonably priced service provider that focuses on hosting ASP.NET programs. Scalability is provided by the large selection of ASP.NET-optimized shared, virtual, and dedicated solutions offered by the US-based company, while management flexibility is maintained by a customized Plesk Control Panel. In order to provide the best ASP.NET hosting services, the customer-focused business has improved features and integrated Plesk.

Robert K, founder at ASPHostPortal, stated that “these years of experience in the ASP.NET hosting industry became an important factor to our success.” “We made the decision to concentrate on enhancing client satisfaction and adding on ASPHostPortal and application server management features that were absent from Plesk.”

In order to increase customer satisfaction, ASP.NET hosting had to be made more affordable, its scalability had to be improved, and its customer support had to be improved. Because of this, ASPHostPortal is now concentrating on offering affordable hosting options for ASP.NET applications, such as shared, virtual, and dedicated servers. Due to the wide range of options, customers can easily upgrade, downgrade, and alter their tech solutions in accordance with their changing needs.

Flexibility, ease of management, control, and monitoring are all enhanced by the company’s custom Plesk Control Panel. The customer-focused business plans to upgrade the control panel’s features and integrate it with Plesk in order to provide the best Java hosting experience imaginable.

Numerous Shared, Virtual, and Dedicated Java-Optimized Solutions

The ASPHostPortal team was established in 2008, and since then, it has seen a number of changes in the industry. The company benefits from ASP.NET’s continued popularity, which is one. The difficulty is simply letting potential customers know that we exist because ASP.NET is still being developed and used, Robert said.

ASPHostPortal provides a full range of Java hosting solutions, and it is constantly looking for ways to expand its selection in response to customer and market demands. Shared ASP.NET Hosting and VPS ASP.NET Hosting with ASPHostPortal, the company’s core services, are offered for affordable prices. While the latter may be managed or unmanaged and offers complete control over the system, the former offers users a managed environment with frequently requested hosting features and a customer control panel.

The company offers custom solutions on demand, and its dedicated servers are ASP.NET-optimized. The business uses enterprise-class drives, RAID technology, redundant power supplies, and a Tier III datacenter to prevent downtime.

A Custom ASP.NET Control Panel Will Give You Greater Flexibility

In order to provide its clients with a unique, user-friendly management solution, ASPHostPortal created its own Plesk Control Panel. To avoid relying on outside support, we customized our Plesk control panel, Robert said.

In the end, the business decided it didn’t want to keep asking third-party vendors to add new features based on feedback from ASPHostPortal customers. Dependence on a third party simply wasn’t adaptable enough to meet customer needs and ran counter to the company’s goal of creating a practical, useful Plesk hosting control panel.

The most recent versions of the ASP.NET Development Kit, server containers, and application server software are also made available to users by ASPHostPortal because regular updates to ASP.NET, application servers, and operating system packages are essential to maintaining user accounts’ security. All software upgrades are simple to perform from the Plesk Control Panel.

“Care for the client, listen to what he or she wants, and do it whenever possible,” Robert said in reference to the company’s guiding principles. “I believe that being a small business helps us to work in this manner because we know many of the clients; they are not as anonymous as they are in bigger businesses,” says the owner.

Scalable solutions, prompt customer service, and price match guarantees

The Best-Price Guarantee program from ASPHostPortal guarantees that customers will pay the lowest prices on comparable services, free of any additional costs or binding commitments. The company’s long-term objective to lower barriers to entry into the ASP.NET hosting market, according to Robert, is the source of the guarantee. “A client’s ROI should be optimal if he or she pays less than anywhere else and still receives a product that meets his requirements,” he said.

Customers have the freedom to change their minds as needed to scale with the company’s business growth thanks to its pay-as-you-go plans. Customers prefer the option of upgrading and downgrading, and we provide this path with a shared Plesk hosting plan that can be upgraded to a VPS and then a dedicated server, according to Robert. They can also manage all of the products in a single client area and, if necessary, order a domain and SSL certificate.

Weekly VPS filesystem backups, as well as weekly and monthly Plesk account backups, are all part of ASPHostPortal’s proactive support strategy. Using UptimeRobot, customers can confirm the validity of the company’s uptime guarantees. When service interruptions do happen, ASPHostPortal’s dependable support team offers quick and helpful customer service.

Although some clients prefer to solve issues on their own and only turn to support as a last resort, Robert said, “Our focus on support will save clients time.” We also monitor performance, making necessary upgrades to the hardware and software.

Upcoming: Enhanced ASPHostPortal Features and Plesk Integration

Robert informed us that ASPHostPortal has significant plans for the business’s future, including alterations to its well-liked Plesk Control Panel. Two crucial aspects of Plesk Control Panel will be improved in Sept, according to the developer: users will have access to the API and it will be integrated as a plugin into Plesk. A client will be able to automate management of their ASPHostPortal and application server using the API.

You can restart servers, modify properties, set up a Watchdog timer, view performance graphs, alter proxy settings, and retrieve logs using the control panel and upcoming API, among other features.

When we are confident they won’t compromise security, we try to implement any additional small features requested by clients that are not currently available in the Plesk environment, Robert said. We refer to it as being elastic. We periodically evaluate competing websites and discuss whether to improve our offerings.

In this way, just as the business has done from the beginning, ASPHostPortal is utilizing its industry experience to continuously upgrade its services.