Best Cheap ASP.NET Core Hosting in Europe – Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

Even though Linux is a hosting industry favorite, developers don’t have to use it exclusively. Even though it’s less common, Windows-based web hosting is a good choice, especially if you wish to run an ASP.NET-based website.

You might try using the.NET Core platform, which is friendly to Linux, or the rival Mono platform, but neither offers all the Windows-specific components included in ASP. In this situation, a web server that provides Windows plans is best for you.

I know that there are many great ASP.NET Core hosting provider that can host your ASP.NET website, however they might be little bit pricey, for example Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). I have tried these 2 services but honestly they are very expensive.

So, are you looking for best, cheap, and reliable ASP.NET Core hosting that provide latest ASP.NET Core? Are you looking for European server? In this article, I will going to list down best, cheap, and reliable ASP.NET Core hosting in Europe. Hope this post will help you!

Best Cheap ASP.NET Core Hosting in Europe

1. – Best Affordable ASP.NET Core Hosting in Europe

Leading provider of ASP.NET Core hosting in Europe, including Windows hosting for, is With a SQL server, MVC, and more programming features, it provides an all-inclusive package for developers. has spent more than 10 years assisting companies of all sizes in creating their own websites to advertise their goods and interact with potential clients.

With their cutting-edge technology and outstanding customer service, they are dedicated to remaining ahead of the competition in a sector of the internet hosting market that has seen significant change.

For small businesses that are just getting started or full-service organizations who want to build a unique website without spending a lot of money, offers the ideal hosting solution. You don’t have to worry about your website’s location because they run their own data center.

You can relax knowing your site will always be current and accessible since they provide quality control procedures that preserve its functionality, security, and uptime. With, there’s never any downtime!

They also give you the resources you need to manage your website, blog, or web application with ease. You have the freedom to select the programming modules you wish to use without having to worry about them conflicting with the system requirements of your hosting provider thanks to built-in support for ASP.NET NET Core. Additionally, you get the integration of GD Library and AJAX for a fully operational site right out of the box!


High-performance shared hosting
Some of the fastest page loading times on a shared ASP.NET server are provided by Sucuri Load Time Tester saw consistent total page loading times of less than a second. The outstanding loading time from London was 0.028 seconds.
Powerful control panel
The company’s hand-rolled control panel is responsive and simple to use, but before you are given access to all of the resources, your account must be authenticated by a support agent.
Suitable for ASP.NET Developer
Even though this is ASP.NET hosting, PHP and GIT are both available on all accounts and are up to date. You can use CGI scripting with premium accounts.
Unlimited Features
From their lowest plan (Classic Plan), it already comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, plus you can also create unlimited email accounts.
.NET Core VersionLatest ASP.NET Core
Data Center LocationUK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands
Control PanelPlesk
SSL CertificateFREE

2. UKWindowsHostASP.NET – Powerful ASP.NET Core Hosting in United Kingdom

One of the top ASP.NET Core hosting companies in Europe is UKWindowsHostASP.NET. They have a range of materials accessible to assist with the launch of new websites.

The finest host for developers and new businesses is UKWindowsHostASP. For your web application or other project, UKWindowsHostASP provides an ASP.NET, ASP,.Net Core, and SQL platform that you can easily extend with additional functionality.

Additionally, you will receive a MSSQL database, which can be used to store any type of data, including documents, photographs, and videos (1 GB MSSQL Space in the Economy plan, 5 GB in the Developer plan, and 15 GB in the Enterprise plan).

Their website is simple to use, and their customer care is excellent. If you’re on a limited budget, UKWindowsHostASP also offers a variety of ASP.NET Core hosting services that can help you save money.

UKWindowsHostASP has a wide variety of options to fit any budget. You won’t ever have to worry about having a negative experience or being dissatisfied with your service thanks to their money-back promise.


High-performance speed hosting
The ASP.NET plan from UKWindowsHostASP makes use of a 10Gbps Cisco Network, the IIS web server, and built-in caching in the form of FastCGI. You can also use the Cloudflare CDN.
Dedicated Application Pool
Your account gets a separate worker process, which offers a greater degree of security and guarantees improved performance.
High Security Grade System
The firewall package from UKWindowsHostASP is pretty pricey on its own, so having it included in your account is a fantastic deal. Before it reaches your website, every incoming traffic will be screened and examined.
.NET Core VersionLatest ASP.NET Core
Data Center LocationLondon, Paris, and Netherlands
Control PanelPlesk
SSL CertificateFREE

3. ASPHostPortal – Editor’s Choice for ASP.NET Core Hosting Europe

Dedicated server space, IP address distribution, project management, and ASP.NET Core hosting are all services offered by website hosting company ASPHostPortal.

Since its founding in 2008, this business has served companies of all sizes by offering a range of web development services, such as hosting for ASP.NET and PHP, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and more.

Offering the best ASP.NET Core hosting service in Europe is ASPHostPortal’s top priority. They are in a position to offer you the quickest and most dependable platform to host your ASP.NET Core websites.

Their dependable, quick, and secure servers enable frequent backups without compromising on performance or security. Additionally, the business provides a specialized Application Pool that enables you to rapidly and easily develop your own applications or websites with no delays.


High SSD ASP.NET Core Hosting
Even their cheapest plan already comes with SSD.
Dedicated Application Pool
Your account receives a separate worker process, increasing security and ensuring better performance.
Automatic daily backup
They do daily backup. So, you can easily recover your files if you accidentally delete or remove your files.
Advanced Security
ASPHostPortal protection is included with all ASP.NET Core shared hosting packages. All IP addresses attempting to access your ASP.NET website are checked against well-known blacklists, and user requests are screened for known hacker strings.
.NET Core VersionLatest ASP.NET Core
Data Center LocationUS, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America
Control PanelPlesk
SSL CertificateFREE

How to Choose Best Cheap ASP.NET Core Hosting Europe

It’s time to get precise once you’ve reduced your options to four or five possibilities. If you have any inquiries after reading the following information, you should think about contacting your short list of ASP.NET Core hosting companies by phone or email. You should inquire about the provider’s responsiveness, technical accuracy, and ease of working with them. They probably won’t be able to impress you once you sign up and send them money if they can’t when you are just a potential customer.

Here are several areas where you will want to evaluate the ASP.NET Core hosting provider.

1. Reliability

You may be interested in learning more about the infrastructure of the service. Find out whether they have backup Internet connections. You can also inquire about a provider’s dependability in newsgroups and email forms, but you should be wary of any third-party criticism from an unreliable source. People are much more prone to voice their complaints about minor issues than they are to highlight little accomplishments.

2. Easy to deploy projects

Is it easy to deploy your ASP.NET Core project on their platform? What control panel that they use? Basically Windows hosting provider will use Plesk control panel. Plesk is easy to use, you can use FTP, File Manager, and WebDeploy directly to publish your ASP.NET Core website.

A ASP.NET hosting company should let you connect to SQL Server directly using applications like Visual Studio.NET, Enterprise Manager, or Query Analyzer (of the three, Query Analyzer may be the best option because it is the least busy tool). When installing, maintaining, and updating your database, you could run into issues if the hosting provider only provides a web interface.

3. Security

Make sure your web server is running Windows Server 2016 or above and has the most recent fixes installed if you’re using ASP.NET Core. Inquire of the provider how and when security updates are applied.

You really ought to think about creating and running your ASP.NET Core application in a partially trusted environment.

4. Backups

Learn more about your ASP.NET hosting company’s backup procedures. Find out what they back up and how frequently they back up the database and file system. Find out how long it will take to restore a site.

5. Pricing

Prior to price, think about your needs for ASP.NET Core hosting. Your ASP.NET Core hosting costs depend on a number of variables, including the provider, hosting type, and package.

My Recommendation for ASP.NET Core Hosting in Europe

Although there is competition in the hosting market for ASP.NET Core hosting, there are less possibilities than there are for PHP-based hosting. Only a few hosts out of these possibilities provide exceptional Windows hosting services. is often the best option if you want a cheap ASP.NET Core hosting package that is prepared for ASP.NET. Even though it’s shared hosting, you’ll still get sophisticated protection, underutilized servers, and speed optimizations.

The adaptable servers from UKWindowsHostASP.NET are perfect for both big and small enterprises. Without upgrading plans or paying for extra features you don’t need, scale resources as necessary. There is a 30-day free trial period available with UKWindowsHostASP.NET so you may try it out before signing up.

If your main user base is in the US or Europe, ASPHostPortal ASP.NET Core hosting offers excellent performance as an alternative. For resource-intensive projects that might keep getting bigger, it’s your best value choice.