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A new Reporting Services web portal is available. This is an updated, modern, portal which incorporates KPIs, Mobile Reports, Paginated Reports, Excel and Power BI Desktop files. The web portal replaces Report Manager from previous releases. You can also download Mobile Report Publisher and Report Builder from the web portal without the need of ClickOnce technology.

Reasons to Use SQL Reporting Services

Businesses gather and store enormous amounts of data, and frequently it is challenging to present that data in a meaningful way and offer insight into what is happening in the business so that the company can make pertinent and timely decisions.

All types of users across the organization must have simple access to informative and user-friendly reports that compile information from the many sources found throughout the company in order to make effective business decisions. The SQL server database and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) will be useful in this situation. There is no need to spend additional money to purchase SSRS if your company is already using an Enterprise, Standard, or Express edition of Microsoft SQL Server.

Therefore, if you currently use Dynamics ERP, you can start benefiting from SSRS! The advantages of a centrally managed reporting system are combined with the adaptability and on-demand nature of desktop and web-based applications in SQL Server Reporting Services. In order to enable organizations to deliver pertinent information wherever it is needed across your entire organization, it is designed to support a wide variety of reporting needs, including managed enterprise reporting, ad-hoc reporting, embedded reporting, and web-based reporting.

Here are some top advantages using SQL Reporting Services:

1. Easy to deploy – With SQL Reporting Services, a complete reporting platform, reports are kept on a single web server. Users can run reports from one location since they are centralized, and report deployment is also made simple by having centralized reports.

2. Simple export for additional analysis with a variety of file formats – Users must be able to access and share reports in the format that is most comfortable to them. The majority of popular file formats are supported by SQL Reporting Services for rendering, including HTML, PDF, CSV, XML, and image (TIFF), in addition to offering full rendering in Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel. Users can create unique documents based on reports by fully editing reports in Microsoft Office formats.

3. Ability to develop a Reporting Portal – helps businesses embed reports into business applications and web portals so that users can consume reports in the context of their business process. Organizations are able to centralize all business-critical data, both structured and unstructured, from across the organization, creating a unified information access experience that allows users to quickly and easily see important business performance data.

4. Make a report run based on your timing via Report Subscription – Standard and data-driven subscriptions are supported by SQL Reporting Services, allowing for the automatic delivery of reports to the appropriate users by pushing them to each user’s inbox directly or sending them to a file share from which users can pull the reports. Users can use standard subscriptions to receive reports via a custom schedule and predefined report parameter values.

5. Interactive sorting capabilities – Users can arrange data in a report’s columns in either ascending or descending order by applying sort capabilities to the report. A user might, for instance, order the data in a report that lists sales first by date and then by sales amount.

6. Drilldown Reporting – Users can seamlessly drill through any combination of data in the database without the need for programming or customization.

7. Options for intuitive displays – When viewing and interacting with reports, users have varying needs and expectations, so a report format that is effective for one type of data may not be suitable for another type of data. With the help of the various display options supported by SQL Reporting Services, you can build reports that present data in the format that the users will find most useful, such as a list, chart, table, or matrix.

8. Windows Security – In the modern world, data security is crucial, and SQL Reporting Services offers sufficient security safeguards to guarantee the security of corporate data. To safeguard reporting resources, SQL Reporting Services uses a flexible, role-based security model. By doing this, it is ensured that each employee has access to the information to which their user role is entitled.

Top Best Recommendation for SQL Reporting Services Hosting 2023 

1. ASPHostPortal – Top Users’ Pick SQL Reporting Services Hosting Provider

ASPHostPortal is a non-EIG company, and they have made numerous changes over time in their hosting quality and infrastructure. In fact, ASPHostPortal is one of the top recommended hosting companies for anyone who is looking for a SQL Reporting Services hosting service.


ASPHostPortal is a host we have used, promoted and recommended as a reliable option for small and medium-sized businesses. We have been with them long enough and can tell how reliable their support staff is.

ASPHostPortal is so far our most preferred choice for hosting SQL Reporting Services reports. Their servers are lightning fast, rock-solid and gives steady peace of mind.

ASPHostPortal host uses the award-winning Dell server and solid-state drive (SSD) to deliver awesomeness to every of their customer. Their support staff is very efficient and works round the clock to give real technical approach to challenges.

You’ll be amazed at the speed the ASPHostPortal staff uses to resolve real hosting problems, sometimes, you’ll be attended to in less than ten (10) minutes with the real solution and not just some random links that leads to no where reasonable.

You can hardly get this kind of support elsewhere, except you opted in to a kind of VIP or priority support program. ASPHostPortal SQL Reporting Services Hosting gives their 180% in helping their clients resolve issues and keep up a reliable business online.

HostForLIFE.EU – Best Budget SQL Reporting Services Hosting is a decent web host with commendable support staff. Their shared servers are are highly optimized for speed and works flawlessly with SQL Reporting Services and other website, such as DNN, WordPress, Joomla, ASP.NET, etc.


Their shared hosting plans uses the solid-sate drive type disk to deliver your files. They offer great customer support with highly knowledgeable tech-heads that works seamlessly to offer support and optimized services . has many data centers in Europe. This is big advantages for customers in Europe. Customer can choose their Paris, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and also their newest Italy datacenters if you register their SQL Reporting Services hosting plan. hosting is a very good option for hosting serious business online. Their shared hosting plan does come with great speed and really fast servers.

They aren’t as pricey as the previous one but does seems to have lots of users in their most basic plan. Their higher plans are however great for developers and corporate/business site.

We have had no single complain so far and can easily recommend the SQL Reporting Services Hosting company to anyone that’s in need of a customer-friendly host with knowledgeable staff and stable servers.

UKWindowsHostASP.NET – Premium SQL Reporting Services Hosting

UKWindowsHostASP.NET is a UK based web hosting company founded in 2007. Their exclusive support quality makes them superior among other existing companies. Their price seems bit higher but they offer premium server and premium support. The company hosted more than million websites that maintain a relationship between a vast range of customers. With latest technologies and excellent infrastructure UKWindowsHostASP.NET successfully sustained in the market of the top web hosting companies.


They have best plans to handle all your needs, from shared hosting to dedicated servers. The Starter plan costs £3.00/mo and allows you to host 5 domains along with 1 GB disk space and 20 GB bandwith. Economy plan gives you freedom to host 50 domains for £5.5/mo, Developer plan  and Pro plan allows you to host unlimited websites and domains for just £9.00/mo and £17.00/mo.

UKWindowsHostASP.NET has gone to great lengths to make its shared hosting SQL Reporting Servoces -optimized. UKWindowsHostASP.NET offers a free backup-restore tool which helps you restore your files and database. This tool keeps backup copies of last 30 days.

The other great features UKWindowsHostASP.NET

SSD Hosting –  UKWindowsHostASP.NET provides a  fully SSD (Solid State Drives) hosting which means that its all servers are equipped with SSDs and all your files and database are stored on these high speed SSDs.

In-built caching engine – UKWindowsHostASP>NET has its own in-house caching system: SuperCacher. With the help of SuperCacher, you can increase your site’s speed many times.

Extremely reliable support –  Quite a lot has already been said about the support of UKWindowsHostASP.NET. Here we would only say that as far as support is concerned, no any  other hosting company is anywhere near UKWindowsHostASP.NET in quality, excellence and in almost everything.

Any-Time Money Back Guarantee – UKWindowsHostASP.NET offers a 30-day full money back guarantee and after that prorated money back guarantee. You can buy their hosting plans with confident because you can ask for a refund anytime if you’re not happy with their services.