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Analysts and other industry professionals have been predicting the demise of bare metal servers for years. They predicted that virtualization and cloud servers would completely dominate the market and put bare metal servers to rest. However, bare metal servers are still popular because they offer advantages over the cloud that are superior in many use cases. The security and individualized control that bare metal servers provide are unmatched by cloud hosting.

The viability of bare metal servers has been attested to by the team. According to Richard, VP Marketing of, the notion that bare metal servers are obsolete is untrue. Since many of its clients use these servers for their workloads, has observed the market’s strength in these servers. Because of the way they utilize the hardware, Richard refers to HostForLIFE’s clients as builders.

They either use them to run them traditionally or to create their own hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, clusters, or install their own hypervisor on them. So, according to Richard, they desire the bare metal servers’ unadulterated power and control.

A pioneer in bare metal servers is However, they also excel at creating and delivering other products. A variety of cloud services and resources are offered by the cloud solutions provider, including hosted private clouds, object storage, VPS services, and public cloud networks. To power their networks, the team also collaborates with reseller hosting providers.

We sell servers not only in the Europe but also in all of the HostForLIFE datacenters around the world, which are located in Singapore, Australia, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Mumbai, India, according to Richard.

Providing a Variety of Resources for Use in Private Cloud and Multicloud

The wide range of cloud solutions offered by is one of its advantages. With its diverse cloud ecosystem, can meet a wide range of needs and use cases. Customers can run anything from their internal infrastructure to databases and mail servers on its hosted private cloud, powered by VMware, and bare metal servers. Its VPS and public cloud services can assist developers in creating their applications.

“We make every customer’s journey possible. They might be just beginning their cloud migration and only offer a few light services, perhaps on the developer side. Depending on how they want to transition, they can then either get bare metal or a hosted private cloud, according to Robert, CEO at

Although HostForLIFE’s bare metal services are popular, its host private cloud offerings are also noteworthy. One of the first companies to integrate VMware into its solutions and make it available on a monthly subscription basis was Users receive exclusive hardware and data storage on the private cloud.

“We are multicloud by design as well. In order to move their workloads between and other providers, customers can do so with ease, according to Richard.

Promoting a Comprehensive Strategy for Cloud Sustainability

For, sustainability is not a recent trend. Ecological practices have always been a top priority for within its corporate structure. Richard claimed that is environmentally friendly by design, which is demonstrated by the structure of its infrastructure. For its datacenters, has relied on proprietary water-cooling technology since 2012.

Because we’re only cooling the processor and other components on the board rather than using all the electricity to cool the entire datacenter with air conditioning, we can have very low PUE and WUE scores in comparison to the industry, according to Richard.

The closed-loop design of HostForLIFE’s water cooling technology helps to conserve water. Makeup water is only occasionally required for maintenance and other special circumstances. However, the sustainability of goes beyond its use of water cooling and is instead ingrained in its very DNA. The business assesses every aspect based on operational configuration.

“We have a solid all-encompassing strategy. A carbon calculator will soon be available. Customers will then be able to see how much carbon equivalent is being used by their servers, according to Richard.

Additionally, does not construct new datacenters. Instead, it makes use of already-existing structures and gives its servers multiple lives. Utilizing a cyclical internal economy and process, is able to put a priority on sustainability while maintaining the functionality of its servers.

“By design, we’re vertically integrated. We thus handle every aspect of running datacenters, from bending the sheet metal to assembling and building our own servers and installing them there. Additionally, we operate a 70 Tbps global fiber network, according to Richard.

Taking on the Cloud Adoption Knowledge Gap

By leading the market in terms of price-performance and offering sustainability by design, distinguishes itself from rivals. The team strives to give clients the best value for their money, and does so by maintaining fair prices. According to Richard, HostForLIFE’s guiding principle is to make cloud services affordable for everyone, beginning with its pricing.

We offer excellent products at enticing prices. Another significant difference between us and hyperscalers is that we don’t lock anyone in, we support open-source, and we don’t charge for bandwidth. People who have moved to the cloud experience sticker shock there, according to Richard.

However, does more than just offer cloud services at affordable prices to increase accessibility. Additionally, the business addresses the knowledge and skill gap and aids users in their adoption of the cloud through migration and educational resources. Users have access to a variety of cloud assistance options, such as managed services, professional services, and third-party migration. To make it easy for users to access the cloud, collaborates with other system integrators and managed service providers.

Additionally, we offer professional services that include teaching and training. Therefore, an expert will join you online rather than doing it for you. They will guide you through what you need to do and assist you with getting your hands on the keyboard so you can learn the procedure, said Richard.

Object Storage, DBaaS, and Server Refreshes Are Upcoming

The cloud hosting division of VMware was acquired by HostForLIFE Amsterdam, which has also increased its workforce from 15 to about 200 over the years. However, the company prides itself on its constant innovation, and there is still much more to come. To improve the collection of building blocks included in its PaaS offering, will increase the size of its object storage.

“One of our datacenters now has a new high-speed object storage. We’ll be launching it on the west coast the following month. Therefore, it will cover our Europe datacenters. And that’s based on technology we acquired from a company called Open-IO through an acquisition we made a few years ago,” said Richard.

With DBaaS software, also aims to assist users in controlling the explosion of data. According to Richard, a lot of people lack database management expertise, so will relieve that burden by providing managed DBaaS. The setup, database management, and application of patches and updates will be handled by the HostForLIFE team. Additionally, the company is updating its line of the most advanced and powerful servers.

Along with the server upgrade, aims to speed up the growth of startups and cloud-native businesses. By providing credits for its PaaS and public cloud services, HostForLIFE’s startup program enables businesses to innovate and provide value to their end customers.

“We also continue to look for more partners and system integrators of various sizes who can help our end customers achieve their goals, such as move to the cloud, integrate a multicloud solution, or even just run their cloud services,” added Richard.