TMDHosting Review: Are They Good for ASP.NET Core Hosting? - Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and ComparisonWindows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

In this review, we are going to share our experience about TMDHosting company, yes, one of the budget ASP.NET Core hosting in 2023.

We know that you might only know about EIG providers, such as Arvixe, BigRock, ASmallOrange, etc or you maybe use providers such as Godaddy. We have also published review about Godaddy ASP.NET hosting and you can see it on our previous reviews. We have used this providers before but honestly we didn’t fully impressed with their performance. We as trusted hosting review will always test and try new provider and we will write deep review about their service.

We will share our thoughts on TMDHosting review in 4 sections, which is features, plans and pricing, performance, and the last customer support.

TMDHosting ASP.NET Core Hosting Features

TMDHosting offers rich-featured ASP.NET Core hosting and comes with a large number of other hosting features like:

– Support any ASP.NET version and the latest ASP.NET Core version
– The latest MSSQL support
– The latest IIS support
– Dedicated application pool
– Private SSL allowed
– Support URL Rewrite
– 60 days money back guarantee
– 1 click installer

We know that it is really important to have latest technology on the server and that’s why as good ASP.NET Core hosting provider, TMDHosting also follow the latest technology. With 60 days money back guarantee, it is big advantages if you want to sign up with them. But, please be advised this 60 days money back guarantee can be applied on shared hosting package only. On Reseller hosting, it is only 30 days money back guarantee, it is same like other ASP.NET Core hosting providers as usual.

How about Their ASP.NET Core Hosting Performance?

Does TMDHosting offer faster servers? Hmm…. Not really. We have compared their speed with other ASP.NET Core hosting providers, and we noticed big difference in site loading speed. They are not slow like Godaddy, but not fast as ASPHostPortal.

Obviously speed is really important when it comes to web hosting. You want your visitors to access your website within 2 seconds loading time to ensure they don’t abandon your site and go elsewhere!


We have monitored TMDHosting at beginning of this year 2023. We want to monitor our website performance so that we could accurately report our findings to help you! Our reviews are unbiased and intended to provide facts so that you can make an informed decision

As you can see above, their uptime guarantee is very good, almost 99.97%, and we have monitored it start from last year. Yeah, it is not 100% as they promise on their website, but we can say it is excellent if you want to host your ASP.NET Core site with them.

Loading Speed?

Our test site loaded within 3 seconds, quite OK, but we really love to host our site with ASPHostPortal, it is only around 1.3 seconds.

Here’s a little information about our test site:

  • It uses a heavy Elementor landing page template with plenty of images and styling
  • We use their Starter Plan hosting package
  • We didn’t make any other changes beyond using the default TMDHosting Optimized settings.

We use Bitcatcha tools to measure their speed and they are not fast enough. You can see the result below:

Their score is only B, it is average score, so not fast as you think. For best ASP.NET Core hosting, you need to find score A like ASPHostPortal. You can see ASPHostPortal score below:

Instead of Bitcatcha, we also use other tools to check their speed like GTMetrix. Below is their result:

As you can see, it will take 4.9 seconds to load. Maybe the test is not so accurate, but our personal experience is around 3 seconds to load.

TMDHosting Pricing – Is it Worth for Money?

Yes, price is the other point in choosing ASP.NET Core hosting provider. The question is “Is TMDHosting worth for money?” They have 3 Windows ASP.NET Core hosting packages that you can choose. The lowest plan start from $3.99/month.

Below are their Windows ASP.NET hosting plans:

  • Starter – $3.99/month can host up to 6 websites.. With this plan you get *unlimited databases, unlimited storage, free SSL, and unlimited transfer. This is the cheapest one, and it is a great choice for beginners starting up their first ASP.NET Core website.
  • Business – $5.99 per month for unlimited websites and databases.The Swift plan is without a doubt their most popular one because it is only a dollar more than the Starter but it comes with more features such as unlimited websites and unlimited databases.
  • Enterprise – $11.99/month for unlimited ASP.NET Core websites plus significant advantages such as performance site accelerator. Apart from these improvements this plan is fairly similar with the Business one meaning it offers unlimited databases, free SSL, remote MSSQL and unlimited storage.

But as customers, you need to understands that the terms “unlimited” and “unmetered” are defined by experience gained by the company with similarly situated customers or measured by the industrial standards and the average resource usage of a shared hosting account located on the same server. This means that The Customer’s use of our resources may not exceed that of similarly situated customers in a way to affect the global performance of the hosting environment or cause any service-related issues, regular backups delay or high I/O wait.

TMDHosting does NOT provide unlimited space for online storage, backups, or archiving of electronic files, documents, log files, etc., and any such prohibited use of the Services will result in the termination of Subscriber’s account, with or without notice

TMDHosting Customer Support

We want to be frank, had encountered few issues at different occasions, sharing them here for you to decide how would you rate them on customer care support service,

1. Plesk throttled to its maximum resource usage due to a feature that schedule job that we run. Support guy from TMDHosting was able to find out the function and they ask us to disable this schedule job. This schedule job is quite important for us but anyway we need to disable it since if we don’t disable it, our site will run damn slowly.

2. Sometimes their support team really slow in answer the ticket. We got a response within 15 minutes, as the company promises, but it was a generic ‘holding’ message with no useful content at all:  

“Thank you for contacting TMDHosting Technical Support. Please allow us some time to take a look at your report and you will be shortly updated here with any further details. Thank you for your patience and understanding in the meantime.”  

More than 6 hours and finally we received answers from their support team. That’s a long way from the ’15 minutes’ implied on the website, but TMDHosting did eventually deliver the information we needed, and that’s better than you’ll get with some services.  

Final Verdict – OK but Not Excellent!

If you see above reviews, we have tested about their ASP.NET Core hosting services and we found that they have excellent price, features, but their speed is not too good. For uptime, yes, they have great score. If you ask us, “Do we recommend them”? It is hard to answer, but maybe you can try them, but we do really recommend ASPHostPortal for ASP.NET Core hosting. They are better and really worth for money!

So, if you’re specifically looking to host just ASP.NET Core website, you might be better off going with ASPHostPortal Hosting for a similar price. But if you need access to unlimited databases, then TMDHosting is a great option.