Top 5 Reason to Choose ASP.NET Core Hosting in Australia – Windows ASP.NET Core Hosting 2024 | Review and Comparison

In this review, we will review one of the best ASP.NET Core hosting in Australia. This is very hard to find hosting provider that support ASP.NET Core hosting in Australia. So, in this opportunity, we have reviewed ASP.NET hosting services and you can find several reasons why to trust your ASP.NET Core site with them. Business Background

Many developers trusted them due to reliable servers, excellent customer support and a wide range of features. The company was voted as best hosting providers by readers of the then popular magazines in Australia. was the recipient of the “Best ASP.NET Core Hosting Services” award from Dev Pro Magazine. has been recognized as a Microsoft Spotlight Hosting partner. They are also licensed under the Microsoft’s Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) Program. The company also received several awards from leading developer magazines and online portals. has established their own office and servers. They are not resellers of other companies. Moreover, the company also do not outsource the technical support to other companies in countries such as India. ASP.NET Core Hosting Pricing and Features have a wide range of ASP.NET Core hosting plans like other hosting providers. The company provides basic plan with 1 GB of disk space and 10 GB of monthly bandwidth. The company provides free setup, offers 30 day money back guarantee with instant account activation. also provides the latest technologies on their windows hosting environment, such as Windows 2012 and ASP.NET Core hosting services with support for WebSockets. The company maintains state of the art data centers in Sydney (Australia), USA and UK powered with Dell servers.

Here is brief information about their hosting plan and pricing

Disk Space1 GB2 GB5 GB10 GB
Bandwith10 GB20 GB50 GB100 GB
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
ASP.NETLatest ASP.NET CoreLatest ASP.NET CoreLatest ASP.NET CoreLatest ASP.NET Core
FREE DomainYesYesYes
Full TrustYesYesYesYes
Isolated Application PoolYesYesYesYes
URL RewriteYesYesYesYes

Instead of ASP.NET Core, also provides other technologies such as MVC, Silverlight, LINQ, WCF RIA, WebSockets, Ajax, PHP5, FastCGI, Crystal Report, SQL Reporting Services, XML and XAML in addition to classic ASP.

Reasons to Choose ASP.NET Core Hosting

1. Daily Backup

As a developer, you invest plenty of time and money to create your website. Hence, you need to host your website with a provider who provides regular backups. automatically captures daily backups via their software backup (Acronis). Even if the server in which your site is hosted crashes all of a sudden, you will be able to retrieve the latest copy from the backup hard disk.

2. Unlimited Email Accounts provides unlimited POP3 mail boxes, autoresponders, forwarders, email groups and lists. Nowadays, .NET user groups are being launched worldwide and a website is essential to keep members informed of the latest developments and events. You can create any number of email accounts for your group members without paying any additional cost.

In addition to POP3 access via Microsoft outlook, you can also verify emails via SquirrelMail and also has an ability to create Catch-All Email Addresses and SPF record. Moreover, has enabled support for Spamhaus and SpamCop, which prevent unsolicited emails from reaching your inbox.

3. Friendly UI

In order to work with your hosting account, you need some sort of web based interface. As per hosting parlance, this is referred to as Control Panel. provides Plesk Control Panel, which enables you to perform all activities associated with your hosting account.

You will receive hosting account information as soon as your account is activated by, which will have the required information to login to the control panel.

4. Great Uptime Record

We monitored the hosted domain via Pingdom, which is the popular external site monitoring tool. We consistently saw an uptime of 99% and above. provided us with 100% uptime for the month of July 2017 and August 2017.

5. Knowledgeable Customer Support is the best when it comes to technical support. You can rely on a support team who are experts in ASP.NET Core development.  While their email support is top-notch, they also have an excellent forum support as well as vast knowledge base.

For one of our sites, we installed WordPress for blogging, but it did not work due to php script error. We emailed the support team and they immediately responded within 20 minutes and our blog was working fine. They not only mentioned the cause of the problem but also rectified it. You will not find this kind of support anywhere. Now don’t forget this was not even an ASP.NET error. They could have washed off their hands blaming that this is a wordpress issue.

Many hosting providers will prompt you to contact the developer of the script if there is any problem. But rectifies the problem without wasting any valuable time.

In addition, technicians have developed many useful articles, how-to’s and tips in the blog, from which customers are capable of finding the answers they need and deal with their problems independently.

Final Verdict! You Can Rely on Them!

Let’s make a summary about ASP.NET Core hosting service. Firstly, is the company who provides 100% .NET focused products only. Their hosting solution contains great rich resources, features and tools, and can help customers build and manage very powerful websites. Secondly, uses the latest Microsoft technologies and robust hardware to deliver customers one of the most reliable and fastest server performances.

The support service of is responsive and effective. Customers can contact the support technicians and get answers at any time.

Taking all hosting advantages and benefits into consideration, can be regarded as one of the best ASP.NET Core hosting solutions that strongly recommend to individuals, developers and businesses.